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Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre
(Yi Tian Tu Long Ji)

Heaven Sword & Dragon Sabre is the final novel of The Condor Trilogy. And as for me, this one is my MOST favorite ancient kungfu story of all time!!!^O^ I just luv the story!!

Coz of it's popularity, lots of TV/Film company have adapted the novel to TV series or a movie, until now there are 7 different versions of the series!!O_o 3 TVB series, 2 Taiwanese series, 1 Mainland-Taiwan-Singapore series and 1 movie. My most favorite adaptation are the TVB 1986 one!^___^ Before you start reading anything in this site, I just want you to know that my knowledge about this series are based from what I have :

a. Watched 100% of the 1986 TVB version
b. Watched 40% of the 1994 Taiwanese version
c. Watched 100% of the 2002 Mainland-Taiwan-Singapore version
d. Watched the movie version, titled The Kungfu Cult Master
e. Read Book 2-7 of the translated novel (note : the translated novel divided into 7 books)
f. Read complete synopsis of the 2000 TVB version
g. Read, heard, watched by surfing the Internet^^

As for the story itself, before it introduce the real main character, the story introduce his parents first! Zhang Cui Shan and Yin Su Su love story also the background of the main conflict of the story. After that, the main character, Zhang Wu Ji, introduced as a 10 years old boy who happens can't learn kungfu, coz he is wounded by two greatest martial artist who works for Mongolia. But, then fate change his destiny, when he's about 20 years old, he got through amazing adventure 'till he reach as one of top martial artist also the chief of Ming Jiao sect, known as the evil sect.

Aside his story how he reached top kungfu, he also have love issues with 4 girls!!^^ And, frankly, Zhang Wu Ji's quite indesicive when it comes about girls. First, he promised a girl named Yin Li, who happens to be his cousin, that someday he will marry her. Second, he care so much about an innocent and soft girl, also his loyal servant, Xiao Zhou, who happens to be the next chief of Ming Jiao Center in Persia.  Third, he's engaged with Zhao Zhi Ruo, his childhood friend, also a disciple of Ngor Mei clan, very innocent and lovable girl, but wait 'till someone hurt her heart....she's not the girl she has used to be anymore ^_^. Fourth, he hate her, but sometimes also have chemistry with the sharply beautiful, cunning, intelligent, playful, a little selfish, and Wu Ji's supposibly biggest enemy, the Mongolian Princess...Zhao Min!!^.~

The story's background itself is about the heaven sword and dragon sabre, which are the most powerful weapons in the martial arts world, and EVERY clan wants it to achieve the highest title in the martial arts world. But, not so much people know about the secrets of these two weapons, except the chiefs of Ngor Mei clan, from generation to generation, since Ngor Mei clan built by Guo Xiang, the daughter of Guo Jing and Huang Rong, the ones who created the weapons ^_^

Why do I like this one?? Overall, because of the storyline itself!! It's amazing! Okay, I'll discuss it one by one :

1. Jin Yong kinda divided the focus story to TWO main characters, Zhang Cui Shan and Zhang Wu Ji, this what makes it interesting...and it makes the story more...alive!

2. The rare pentagon love story!!^^ I mean, Wu Ji actually love these four women!!^_^

3. Ming Cult unique structural and the people who leads them are very interesting people with different characteristics. And, how Ming Cult is the branch of the Center Ming Cult in Persia. It's all very interesting! And, also, how the story focus on the conflicts between five clans and a cult, which involved lots of characters too.

Well...that's three main reasons of my many other reasons why I love this story!!^^ What about you???^^

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