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Romantic Scenes
Cheung Mo Kei and Chiu Ming

This is a place where I translated most of Cheung Mo Kei and Chiu Ming's romantic or funny scenes together directly from the novel. So, these are NOT comes from the TV adaptations, since some of them are very different. The TV adaptations pictures just to illustrate how the scene is going on, or memorize you what it's like on the TV version ^_^ Enjoy!

Book 7 : Chapter 52 : Page 10-12

Pang and Mo Kei exits the inn. They, then, split and take their own ways, one goes to West and the other one goes to East. They agree they'd be back at two o'clock past midnight.
Mo Kei, who goes to the West, tried to open wide his eyes and ears. But, all he got just some meaningless talks about the event today, also rumors about Ming Gao's rebellion. Mo Kei didn't get any important information.
He, then, just follow his heart and his legs, he kept walking and the more far he's away, the more quiet the street is. Suddenly, Mo Kei's heart pounds hard, because he realized he face a small restaurant, which here, he and Chiu Ming once eat and and drink wine together.
"Oi...why am I here? Is this because I still can't forget Miss Chiu?" he think.
The door is half closed, and the restaurant is very quiet, probably there aren't any guests anymore. Mo Kei push the door, there's a guest overslept on the table.
Mo Kei enters the restaurant. The guest is sitting on the corner and is having meal under the lightings of candle. Mo Kei's heart pounds back, because he remember, on that table, he and Chiu Ming once drink wine together.
Hearing footsteps entering the restaurant, suddenly the guest wake up and see Mo Kei. Mo Kei recognizes her, it's Chiu Ming. For a second, both of them freeze.
"You..., why are you here?" Chiu Ming said with a trembling voice, indicates her uncalm and shaking heart.
"I was just taking a walk, coincidentally passing by this restaurant...I never thought..." Mo Kei said as he walk towards Chiu Ming.
Seeing a pair plates and bowls, also two pairs of chopsticks on the table, Mo Kei immediately say, "Are you waiting for somebody?"
Her face turns red.
"No," she answered. "You and I had twice eat and drink wine in this place, and you seat in front of me. That's why..., that's why I ordered the servant to serve those plate and bowl!"
Mo Kei looks very grateful. He see there are four kinds of vegetables, which aren't different from the ones they had the last time they're here.
Mo Kei is very touched seeing the meals on the table. Without realizing it, Mo Kei hold her hands, and with a voice on his throat he say, "Miss Chiu!"
"I really regret...being born in a Mongolian young emperor's family..." she said.
Suddenly, from outside the window, a person's laughing. Sounds like a very cold laugh. Suddenly, a thing struck the candle, and it went off. Mo Kei and Chiu Ming recognize the laughing voice. It was Chi Yerk's. Not long after that, there's a moving sound, and Chi Yerk left.
"Is it true you're engaged with her?" Chiu Ming said.
"It's true," he answered. "I can't lie."
"That day, when I hid behind a tree, I heard all your full of love sayings, which are very sweet as honey. In that moment, I just feel I want to die. I don't want to live any longer in this world. Twice I had cold-laughing. Now, she's the one who had the cold laugh. But...but....from your own mouth, never have I once hear one word that can please my heart..."
"Miss Chiu, actually I'm not suppose to be here and can't see you again. I was tied by a promise, and I shouldn't make you sad. From this moment, you have to learn to forget me..." he said.
She hold his hands, and then she rub the wound on the back of Mo Kei's hand.
"This wound because of my bite," she said. "Even though you have a high martial arts skill and high medicine skill, you can never make this wound go away. If you can't even erase your own wound, how can I ever erase my heart's wound?"
Then, she look at Mo Kei's face with an undescribable gaze. Suddenly, she hold Mo Kei's head and immediately struck his mouth with hers, biting his lip 'till it's bleeding. Then, she push him away and jump out the window.
"Evil maniac! I hate you...I HATE YOU!!!" she screams.

Book 7 : Chapter 53 : Page 35-36

With full of happiness, Chiu Ming rest her head on Mo Kei's chest.
"Mo Kei-gorgor," she whispered, "today I've ruined your wedding, are you angry?" she asked.
How weird, by that time, instead of upset, Mo Kei is glad. Aside thinking of Tse Sun's safety, he actually feels glad and feels very lucky. How can it be? He, himself, even don't know the answer. But of course, he's ashamed to tell the lady about his true feelings.
"Of course I'm angry," he answered. "Next time, it would be my turn to ruin your wedding."
Chiu Ming's face turns red.
"If you dare, I'll kill you!" she said smiling.
Suddenly, Mo Kei sighed.
"What's wrong?"
"I have no idea who have done lots of good deeds in the previous life, 'till he becomes very lucky, get to be the husband of the young emperor's daughter."
"I think you still have time for yourself to do those good deeds." the lady said.
Mo Kei's heart pounds hard.
"What?" Mo Kei tried to convince.
But the lady just move her head to another direction and not answering.

Book 7 : Chapter 53 : Page 43-44

"Haven't I told you? You better go back with your brother to heal your wounds." Mo Kei said. "Why did you argue with your brother and choose suffer by following me?"
"I've reconciled myself to my sufferings I'm gonna go through," she answered. "About my brother, soon or later, I will argue with him, anyway. The most important thing to me now is, I'm worried you don't want to take me with you. I don't care about other problems."
Mo Kei stunned. He never thought, Chiu Ming's love for him is so deep. He has already know, all along, that the lady like him. But, he always thought that her love for him is just an unstable love that comes from a young girl which mind can change easily. But now, he realized Chiu Ming's love is pure and sincere. To be with him, the lady throw away her wealthiness. Thinking this, he lowered his head and gaze at the pale face. On that second, as an ordinary human being, he cannot hold his feelings any longer and with an overflow feelings of love, he push his own lips against hers.
Chiu Ming's face turns red. What just happened is a great shock for the weak body and so she passed out.
Mo Kei, who understands medicine knowledge, isn't surprise. Chiu Ming passed out just show him her gratefulness and her love. Suddenly, a question flashed in his brain, "Chi Yerk's love for me can't be compare to Chiu Ming's love for me!"
A few minutes later, Chiu Ming is concious. She look at Mo Kei's face, and since he looks like as if he's thinking of something, she ask, "What are you thinking of? Miss Chow?"
Mo Kei nods. "I feel guilty to her," he answered.
"Did you regret it?"
"When I was just going to do the ceremony with her to be husband and wife, I remember you and I felt sad. Now, I remember her and I feel guilty."
"But in your heart, you love me more, isn't it?"
"Frankly, to you...I feel love and hate. To Chi Yerk, I respect her and afraid of her."
The lady giggles.
"I prefer, you love me and afraid of me," she said. "And to her, you respect and hate her."
Mo Kei also laugh.
"But it's different now," he smiled. "To you, I hate and I'm afraid. I hate you because you've ruined my wedding. Afraid because I'm afraid you won't pay the loss you caused."
"Pay what loss?"
"To pay with yourself, to be my wife, replacing Chi Yerk!" Mo Kei said.
Her face immediately turns red.
"It won't be that easy," she said, embarrased.
"I have to ask my father and brother's blessing first..."
"What if your father still say 'no'?"
The lady sighed.
"People say, if you marry a devil, then you have to follow the devil," she said. "If that what happens, then there's no way for me, other than following the little devil."
"Evil woman!" Mo Kei snapped. "You are following the evil maniac and rebel, Cheung Mo Kei! What kind of execution should you get?"
"In this world, both of you are punished to be man and wife that lucky enough to live 'till you grow old. In the world beyond, you have to be thrown to eighteen layers of hell and never reincarnate again as a human!"
Talk to that point, both of them laugh hard.