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The Kungfu Cult Master

This movie adaptation produced in 1993 by Win's Entertainment Production. Starring :

Jet Lee as Cheung Mo Kei
Sharla Cheung Man as Chiu Ming and Yan So So
Gigi Lai Chi as Chow Chi Yerk
Chingmy Yau(Chiu Siu Chen) as Siu Ciu
Francis Ng as Cheung Choi San
Samo Hung as Cheung Sam Fung

It's suppose to be my most favorite Jet Lee's movie, if only the story didn't end with a cliffhanger >_<

There are also pretty much difference with the novel, also they skip some important characters and scenes. Which, is understandable...since, they tried to recap the long novel to a 90 minutes movie ^_~ It's too bad, though =( For instance, there are no Purple Dragon and Yan Lee show up here. Chow Chi Yerk's characteristics also changed. Chiu Ming's three wishes are all different with the novel. And, lots of things changed in this adaptation, but again...I do understand why they change so much things ^_^

But, much I luv this movie!!! One of the reasons is that Jet Lee and Sharla Cheung are my MOST favorite actor and actress!!^^ And, they play together in this movie! I have to say though, that the plotline is poor =( Since, it looks like they want to rush it, and not to mention they end it with a HEAVY cliffhanger with NO SEQUEL!! Urggh!! I hate it! But, what makes me love this movie are the costumes and the characters!! The costumes...well...not so much different with the 86 version^^ That's why I luv it, especially...Siu Ciu's pretzel hair! It looks cute!!^_^
As for the effects...well, all I can say is you can expect pretty good effects in this one!^^ And, the action sequence are AMAZING!!!!^O^ know, it's Jet Li....=P So, of course!!

One of the reason why I love the movie version so much, is how the actors and actresses did a magnificent job in portraying the characters!!!
Chingmy Yau did a fine job as Siu Ciu, she looks very cute, innocent and lovable.
But, too bad...Gigi Lai didn't do such a good job in portraying Chow Chi Yerk, a (looks-like) saint, soft and innocent girl, instead she portrayed her selfish and bitchy O_O
And, as for my favorite actor in this one is.........................IT'S A TIE BETWEEN JET LEE AND SHARLA CHEUNG!!!!!^O^
I definitely can't decide which one's the best! At first, I thought this just because they're my fave actor and actress....but, I think again, hard...I still can't decide! Wanna know why?
Jet Lee did a superb job as Cheung Mo Kei, because his innocent and funny expressions balancing with his serious expressions! I just luv him! Not to mention, he IS a true martial artist!! So, his action scenes are very amazing! While, Sharla Cheung also did a fantastic effort in portraying Chiu Ming!! I mean, sharply beautiful, cunning, intelligent!! She suceed in bringing out those characters together! I luv her cunning expression and yet the way she talk also sound intelligent.
My most favorite scene is where Mo Kei go back to the Green Willow Villa to get the antidote from Chiu Ming. Here, an action sequence happen between Mo Kei and Chiu Ming, also a little chemistry between them ^_~
You don't know how much it upsets me, they don't make the sequel!!>_< I mean, it didn't get to the part where Chiu Ming becomes good, and also sacrifice a lot for Mo Kei!! I know, Sharla could do this act very good, if only they give her the opportunity =(((((((

Captured Scenes