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The Story

Heaven sword and dragon sabre are created by the great condor heroes couple, Guo Jing and Huang Rong. Inside the
sword, they insert The Greatest Kungfu Book, and inside the sabre, they insert General Ngowk's War Strategy Book, Boo Bok. The sabre is inherited to their son, Guo Pohlo, then. And the sword is inherited to their youngest daughter, Guo Xiang. Who then became a priestess and build an only-girls kungfu school/clan, Ngor Mei. But, then Guo Pohlo died for his country together with his parents, so the sabre is handed to someone else, but not being able to take care of it completely.

It is said, that anyone who can have the sword and the sabre shall be the greatest kungfu master and become the chief of martial arts world. So, then, lots of martial hero try to get the sword from Guo Xiang's hand. Until one day, the dragon sabre is suceeded taken away by someone, but then from years to years, the dragon sabre has already travel all China from one hand to another hand. While the heaven sword is passed on one generation to other generation of the Ngor Mei's chiefs, along with the secrets of the sword and the sabre.

The story begins by focusing on the main character's parents, Zhang Cuishan and Yin Susu. Zhang Cuishan is the fifth disciple of the Wu-Tang Clan. Along with his third brother, they found a man stabbed the dragon sabre into his own body so that, the man's enemy won't find the sabre. Cuishan bury the man and bring the sabre with him.
Actually, Cuishan and his third brother, is in a journey and now, they're on their way back to Wu-Tang, for celebrating Cheung Sam Fung's 90th birthday, their master and also the chief of WuTang. Just to make it briefly, on their journey Choi San meet Yan So So(disguised as a man), the daughter of The White of the famous hero of the Ming Cult.
So So tried to take the sabre away from them. One thing lent to another, the third disciple and Choi San separated, and while they're separated, the 3rd disciple is wounded by So So accidentally, and can't move and talk for the rest of his life. Feeling guilty, So So send the body back to Wu Tang. No one knows who made the third brother turned like this, so Choi San swear that when he found the man who did this to his 3rd bro, he will kill him by his own hand(little did he know, its a woman =P).

The Ming Cult is an evil cult. This cult always against big five clans in the martial arts world, Shaolin, Wu Tang, Go Mei, Kung Lun, Kong Tong. Ming's structural organization is lead by the main chief. And, then to watch the chief's every move, two advisors accompany him, Right Advisor and Left Advisor. Ming's power is divided to four areas, the chiefs for the areas are : White Eagle, Gold Lion, Purple Dragon and Green Bat.

I kinda forget, how can it happen >.< But, as far as I remember, when there's a fight between Wu Tang people and White Eagle's people. Gold Lion interfere, he grab the dragon sabre. So, he can runaway, he took Choi San and So So as hostages. And, the three of them sailed away through the ocean, 'till they found an island, they named it Ice and Fire Island.

After few quarrels....and after trying to stated how much they hate each other, at last Gold Lion can create a peace between Choi San and So So, by making them realize that they actually loves each other. Choi San & So So swores with Gold Lion to be sworn siblings, then. Choi San and So So even married in that island. Ten years later, with their son, Cheung Mo Kei, Choi San and So So found their way back to the mainland. Gold Lion insist that he better stay in the island.
When they got there, a lot of things happen, and the four clans, also keep pushing Choi San and So So to tell them where Gold Lion is, with vengeance reason, but all they wanted is actually the dragon sabre. On Cheung Sam Fung's 100th birthday, the four clans has come to Wu Tang, to ask them Gold Lion's location once again. While this happen, So So and the 3rd disciple meet, this is where Choi San find out, that the one who he wants to kill the most is actually the person who he loves the most. Confuse, angry, sad, upset...Choi San then run to his master and ask him to take care of Mo Kei. So So after him. But, it was too late, Choi San already gave the answer to the four clans, that is......stab himself with a sword. So So and Mo Kei crying on the dead body. One of the Shaolin monk insist So So to tell them. So So tricked them, she whisper nothing to the monk's ear, but the other
people thought, the monk just want to keep it for himself. So So tell Mo Kei don't ever trust a pretty woman, the prettier she is,
the more cunning she is. After, saying that last message, she hug Mo Kei, and then stab herself with a dagger.

To be continued....

Note : Spare's a long story >_< I'll continue soon!!^^