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The Love Tales

There are several couples' love story in HSDS......I think these are all......^^ Tell me if a couple left out!!!^_^

Zhang Cuishan & Yin Susu

Cuishan is the 5th Wu Dang disciple. Susu is the daughter of the White Eagle sect(part of the evil Ming cult). They are not suppose to be together, since their sects are enemies ^_^ They actually hate each other too at first. But, Gold Lion made them realize they love each other in the Ice Fire Island =P They married, and they have a son, that is Zhang Wuji. They're back to mainland after 10 years, but then they commit suicide because of the five clans pushing them to tell them where Gold Lion is. Actually, the specific reason why Zhang Cuishan commit a suicide at the first place is because he once sworn that he will kill the person that injured his 3rd brother, which turns out he found out the person is his own wife. So, he commit suicide in front of the people of the five clans. Yin Susu later follow his steps, after giving her last message to Wuji, that is not ever trust a beautiful woman, coz the prettier she is, the more cunning she is. Then, she stab her stomach with a dagger while hugging Wuji. I, personally, love this scene in the TVB 1986 adaptation. The way Zhang Cuishan died is plain cool!!!^^

Yang Xiao & Qing Yi Fu

This couple is pretty sweet, too. Yang Xiao is the left advisor of the Ming cult. And, Qing Yi Fu is an E Mei clan disciple. Yi Fu is actually engaged with Yin Li Ting(who loves her so much). And, actually everything was fine. Until, Yang Xiao come to her life. Although, she doesn't want to love Yang Xiao, but she cannot resist her own feelings. She kept avoiding him, but Yang Xiao was being aggresive towards her. Until one night, it accidentally happens. When her master know that she's pregnant, she threw her out from the clan immediately. But, Qing Yi Fu didn't regret what she has done with Yang Xiao, and that is also why she named her baby, with Yang as her surname and Bu Hui as her name(means 'no regret'). Qing Yi Fu died after having a labour and ask Yang Xiao to take care of their daughter.

Yin Li Ting & Qing Yi Fu
Well....they're engaged, but since Qing Yi Fu don't actually have feelings for him, there's nothing really special about them. What touched me is how Yin Li Ting is very much in love with Qing Yi Fu. And very happy with the engagement. But, unfortunately it ends tragically. Yin Li Ting became pretty stressed after Yi Fu left him. He also hate Yang Xiao since then.

Yin Li Ting & Yang Bu Hui
Pretty unique, isn't it?! Simply...not with the mother, then why not the daughter? Hehe...kidding! Although, they're 20 years apart, but they love each other. At first, Yin Li Ting always mistook Bu Hui as Qing Yi Fu(esp. when he's unconcious). And, he always thought that he care for Bu Hui is because her face is similar with her mother's face. But, in the end...he realized he loves her, although he feels awkward and try to against his own feelings. While, Yang Bu Hui(who used to have a crush on Wuji, but not anymore now), since she's taking care of the injured Yin Li Ting, she starts to have feelings, and realized immediately that she loves him. Although, Yin Li Ting constantly reject her at first.'s a happy end for them, though. They got married, and they have Yang Xiao's bless.

Sung Qing Shu & Zhou Zhiruo
Qing Shu is in love with Zhiruo. But, as we all know Zhiruo loves Wuji. That's why, Ching Su always envy Wuji. Although Zhiruo don't love him, she act very nice to him. He also once tried to raped her(if I remember correctly), but the end, when Zhiruo turns evil, she kinda treat Ching Su, just like her servant. However, they have a more happy ending in the TVB 2000 adaptation ^_^

Zhang Wuji & Yin Li
Yin Li is the daughter of Yin Susu's brother. So, technically, she and Wuji are cousins. But, Yin Li fall in love with Wuji(by the time, Wuji use another name...and he has beard all over his face, so Yin Li didn't recognize him as ZWJ). And, he also promised her that he will marry her. Yin Li had a very tragic life, her father never care about her and her mother, instead he took a second wife. She also got injured in the end, and died tragically. Very apalling =(  

Zhang Wuji & Xiao Zhou
Xiao Zhou is Purple Dragon's daughter. Which means she's a half Persian. She's very cute, innocent and lovable, maybe that's why Wuji like her very much. She first met Wuji in the Ming cult, and when she know that Wuji is White Eagle's grandson, she immediately claim him as her master, and continue act like a servant towards him. She's very loyal to Wuji, not to mention because she's also in love with him. In the end, Xiao Zhou had to leave mainland and back to Persia to replace her mother's duty as the chief the center Ming Cult.

Zhang Wuji & Zhou Zhiruo

Zhou Zhiruo met Wuji when they were just a little boy and a little girl. Zhiruo was always in love with Wuji. But, her master made her sworn that she will never marry Wuji, and her master also constantly remind him NOT TO fall in love with Wuji, because he's evil. Her master also told her the secret of the Heaven Sword and the Dragon Sabre, and told Zhiruo to use her pretty face to make Wuji gave her the sword and sabre. Zhiruo also almost broke her promise to her master, that is marrying Wuji. But, since Zhao Min interrupted the wedding ceremony, the marriage never happen. The bright side is Zhiruo didn't get to break her promise to her master =P She, then, became the chief of E Mei clan also turns evil.

*Zhang Wuji & Zhao Min*

Ahhhh!!! The supposibly BIGGEST enemy ever, yet they are soulmates. Wow...pretty complicated, huh??^^ This is the main couple and my most favorite couple in HSDS!!!^O^ Zhao Min is the Mongolian princess, who control over some greatest martial artists that works for Mongolia, while Zhang Wuji is the chief of the martial arts world who against the Mongolian government. Very, very, very difficult for them! But, again...I find their relationship very interesting, since they're from two TOTAL opposite sides, but yet they fall in love^^ I also feel pity on them....since 'till the end of the story no one ever bless their relationship >_< Poor them....but, then again by isolating themselves and they have each other, they find their happiest days of their life, I guess!!^^

Their first met, is a little too popular...>=P Zhao Min dressed as a man, passing by Zhang Wuji, who is now the chief of Ming sect, with several of his men. So, it's not love at the first sight!!^_~