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Audio Visual Stuff

Hi!! Welcome to HSDS Multimedia section!! I suggest you to use GetRight, since the size of the files aren't small....^^ It helps you to resume, get it here! Now, enjoy!!

Download Link Size Description
HSDS 1986 Opening 1.6 MB HSDS TVB 1986's opening themesong
Mo Kei & Siu Ciu 912 KB mo kei & siu ciu special theme from 1986
HSDS 1986 Ending Scene 1.23 MB mo kei & chiu ming romantic scenes from 1986
18 Palm Dragon Style 461 KB mo kei use 18 palm dragon style from 1986
HSDS Taiwan 1994 Ending Scene 2.73 MB mo kei and chiu ming's last scene from Taiwan 1994(note : I captured this myself!)
The Kungfu Cult Master 1.62 MB "HSDS : the movie" trailer

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