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Ming Gao Sect

Welcome to the "Ming Gao Sect" section!!^O^ This section is actually more precisely, called, the history section ^_~ As most of the contents are about the history, the beginning of Ming Gao Sect and also other things connected with Ming Gao.
I got these information from the Yi Tian Tu Long or Heaven Sword & Dragon Sabre's novel itself, and I translated it^^ So, let's revealed the actual truth of Ming Gao!!^O^

Ming Gao Sect

Ming Gao is Manichaeism or a religion from Mani.

Mani(born in 216 C) is a noble man's son, an Ecbatana native. He was raised and educated in a Mandaeans sect environment. When he was born, there are two big, famous religions which are the opposite to each other, those are Christian and Mitharism. Mani studied both of them and he also studied Magism religion from Persia(now Iran). Magism has parts from those religions.

He announced his own religion on the coronation day of the King of Persia, Shapur I, in the royal palace. He, then, wandered to various countries to spread his religion. He visited Transoxiana, West China, and India. Lastly, he went back to Persia and had a lot of followers, even in the royal palace. But, he was against by the Magians caste. Shapur I is a little affected by Manichaeism, and Hormizd, the next king, is a tolerable king and put a lot of attention to Manichaeism. But, Hormizd's succesor, Barham I, is leaning more to Magians caste. Mani was arrested and handed to the caste and then they killed him. The Persian government tried to eliminate Mani's religion, but failed. Manichaeism system is dualism system. According to Mani, light is good and dark is evil. Knowledge about the religion means knowledge about nature and it's elements. And redemption is a process to let free the light element from darkness.

According to Mani, in the universe there are Light Kingdom and Dark Kingdom. Demons born in the Dark Kingdom. The first human being was created by demons, but inside the human, there is also a light element from God. Demons tried to tied humans with evilness, and the light spirits tried to let them free.

Mani named himself as the "Light Ambassador". Only with his help and his chosen disciples' help, light can be apart from dark. In the Manichaeism community, there are difference between the chosen followers and the ordinary followers. Chosen followers has to obey ten prohibitions, such as to killed all living things.

Manichaeism had once became a big religion. It's power is Manichaeism united ancient mythology and materialistic dualism by simple praying and also hard moral prohibitions. It's other power is the simple social organization. The smarts and the stupids, the ones who really meant it and the ones who's not, everyone can join Mani's religion. Along the history record, Manichaeism has only lived 'till the 13th century.

Persian Ming Gao's Martial Art(Seng Hwee Leng) and The Popular Persian Song

One time, where Mo Kei, Gold Lion, Chiu Ming, Yan Lei, Siu Ciu and Chow Chi Yu are floating over the sea, chased by the Persians, Yan Lei is talking in her sleep, but not only talking, she also sing in her sleep. They realized it's a Persian song, and Gold Lion said Purple Dragon must have teach her the song. Then Chiu Ming asked, "Loo-ya-cu(a respect call for someone's much older), how can Mrs. Han sing that Persian song?! Is it a Ming Gao's song?". So, then, Gold Lion explained the history, that once Purple Dragon had explained to him.

Ming Gao comes from Persia and even though, it's not a Ming Gao song, it has quite strong connection with Ming Gao. That song has been arranged two centuries ago by the most famous Persian poet, Omar Khayam. This song is sung by most of Persian people.
By that time, in Persia, there's a famous teacher, Imam Mowaffak. He had three famous pupils, Omar Khayam, Nizam-ul-mulk and Hasan Ben Sabbah.
Omar Khayam is an expert in literature, Nizam an expert in politics, and Hasan is excellent in martial arts. The three of them are the best of friends, and they have sworn to be brothers. After they got out from the school, Nizam is the luckiest pupil, that he became a Vizier(First Minister) of the Persia Kingdom. When his two bestfriends visited him, he's very happy and beg the Persian king to give them positions. Hasan accepted the position, but Omar refused it. He just asked for money subsidy, so he can study astronomy, arrange the calendar and write poems, without have to think about his life. With lots of regrets, Nizam do what his bestfriend want. However, Hasan is someone with big notions and cannot be under other's power for a long time. He rebelled and after his rebel has been eradicated, he hid himself in a mountain. He gathered some bad, cruel, viscious men and did a lot of crimes, like kills, etc. He became the head of a group, which name's really famous amongst the crusaders, he is well-known as "The Old Man From The Mountain". In the West territory, there are lots of humans killed by Hasan's hand and his men. According to Mrs. Han, in the end of the West territory, there's a country named Brittain. The King of Brittain, Edward, is against by "The Old Man From The Mountain", who sent his men to kill the king. The king's soldiers cannot beat Hasan's men and the king is wounded by a poisonous sabre. Fortunately, the Queen gave her husband a help, by sucking the poison from his wound. So, the king didn't die. Hasan is a really cruel man, he even sent his men to kill Nizam-ul-mulk, who had helped him lots of times. When, Nizam is about to die, he blurt out two lines that Ms. Yan sang earlier, Omar Khayam's arrangement. And in the end, lots of Ming Gao's followers in Persia studied "The Old Man From The Mountain"'s martial arts, which is very weird and hard to guess.