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Legend of The Condor Heroes
(She Diao Ying Xiong Zhuan)

Legend of Condor Heroes is the first novel from The Condor Trilogy. Which I think is an all-time classic ancient kungfu series!!!^O^ Because of the very creative plotline and characters!

Adapted from this novel, there already are five adaptations series of the story: three TVB series, one Taiwan series and one Mainland series ^_^ Personally, my most favorite one is the Mainland production one!!!!!^o^ Which had great casts, such breathtaking sceneries, beautiful and wonderful musics!!!!! Gee.....I definitely can go on and on praising this adaptation...=P See my complete opinion on the Adaptations section ^.~

Before you start reading anything in this site, I just want you to know that my knowledge about this series are based from what I have :

a. Watched 95% of the 1982 TVB adaptation
b. Watched 90% of the 1994 TVB adaptation
c. Watched 100% of the 2003 Mainland adaptation - twice!^^
c. Read 40% of the original novel(the un-revised one)
c. Read, heard, watched by surfing the Internet ^^

As for the story itself, before it introduce the real main character, the story introduce the parents first!
Guo's family and Yang's family are the best of friends. The husbands, Guo Xiao Tian and Yang Tie Xin are even sworn brothers! Together with their wives, the four of them, had spent a lot of times together, also staying at the same house. Until one day, Gum Soldiers hunt them and wants to kill them. Which made them separated, Guo Xiao Tian died, Yang Tie Xin fall-off the cliffs, Bao Xi Ruo(Yang's wife) saved by the 6th Gum Prince and Li Ping(Guo's wife) saved by Mongolians. Both Xiruo and Li Ping gave a birth to a son, named Guo Jing and Yang Kang, which made them sworn brothers as in their promise. While, Qiu Chu Ji and Kong Lum Chut Kwai(Seven Freaks from the South), agreed on a deal, to decide which of them the winner, they will train Guo's and Yang's son, and then 18 years later, they'll have a duel. As soon as Guo Jing starts his adventure, a lot of things happen in his adventure, and he get to meet lots of top martial artists and other people, which made his adventure gets exciting. Also, he meet Huang Rong in his journey, his soulmate ^_~

If you want to know the story further then just go to the Story section below!!^^ Don't forget to go to the Scripts section, I put a lot of effort to create it ^_^ Enjoy the sections!!!^O^

The Story

The Love Tales


The Comic 

1982 TVB Episode Scripts *special*

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