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The Love Tales

There are several couples' love stories in Legend of The Condor Heroes, I'm not done, pls enjoy what I have now!!

Yang Tie Xin & Bao Xi Ruo

Wan Yan Hong Lie & Bao Xi Ruo

Lok Kwun Ying & Ching Yiu Kap

Zhou BoTong & Ying Ku

Guo Jing & Hua Zheng

Yang Kang & Mu Nian Ci

I have to say, Yang Guo's parents have a pretty unique and interesting love relationship story!!^^ They are not the main couple in the novel, I dont actually like this couple that much, but they're my most favorite couple in LoCH82!!^^ And, I think their love story is pretty important, as the parents of the main character for the sequel of the novel ^.~
Both considered as part of Yang family, one is the birth child, the other one is a foster child ^_^ Although, Yang Kang is actually a Han native, but still he never want to let go his title as a Gum, it's pretty interesting to see two persons from  different status are in love!^^ Sometimes, I wonder what would happen IF Yang Kang becomes the King of Jin and married Mu Nian Ci, which would make her as the Queen. And, of course, Yang Guo as the PRINCE!!!'ll turn out a whole different story, I guess...=P
Their love tale all begins when they meet in Mu Nianci's marriage contest...I think its love at the first sight for MNC^^

*Guo Jing & Huang Rong*

Guo Jing and Huang Rong is such a cute couple!!^.^ The guy is dumb, yet the girl is witty and smart! Such an opposite! But, they're both sooo innocent^^ I love them really as a young couple! But, I dunno why....they become a less likeable couple in RoCH...O_o They're my favorite couple in LoCH94 and LoCH2003.....simply because the great chemistry of the actors and actresses!^_~