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Audio Visual Stuff

WELCOME!!!!! Unlike it's sequels, in this LOCH Multimedia section, there are LOTS of video clips you can enjoy!!!^_^ And, you better use GetRight for these marvelous clips!!!^^

Download Link Size Description
TVB 1982 1st Opening 1.14 MB the first opening theme song of the TVB 1982 version
TVB 1982 2nd Opening 441 KB the second opening theme song of the TVB 1982 version
TVB 1982 3rd Opening 512 KB the third opening theme song of the TVB 1982 version
TVB 1994 Opening 552 KB the opening theme song of the TVB 1994 version
Guo Jing & Huang Rong 2.6 MB 1982 guo jing and huang rong special theme
Yang Kang & Mu Nian Ci 2.5 MB 1982 yang kang and mu nian ci special theme
Clip 1 2.8 MB 1982 yang tie xin commited suicide
Clip 2 2.1 MB 1982 bao xi ruo commited suicide
Clip 3 1.6 MB 1982 ying ku read her poem for zhou bo tong
Clip 4 2.5 MB
Clip 5 216 KB
Clip 6 693 KB
Clip 7 1.3 MB 1982 huang rong injured and saying her supposibly, last words to guo jing
Clip 8 786 KB
Clip 9 2.2 MB
Clip 10 1.9 MB
Clip 11 1.4 MB The Ending of the 1982 version
TVB 1994's Clip 1  3.7 MB Guo Jing see Huang Rong dress as a woman for the first time ^_~
TVB 1994's Clip 2  872 KB A burial ceremony for...(?!?). Mu Nian Ci is crying, GJ's Seven Masters and also Qhu Ciu Ji are present.
TVB 1994's Clip 3  1.2 MB Ou Yang Feng and Hong Gi Qong's duel on Tao Hua To, with GJ, HR, Ou Yang Ke and Wicked East present.
TVB 1994's Clip 4  2.4 MB
TVB 1994's Clip 5  2.0 MB

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