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1982 TVB Special Episode Scripts

Welcome!!!^^ To a very special section on this site!!^^ The "Legend of The Condor Heroes TVB 1982" Scripts section!!!!^O^ The very first scripts online of the show in English, I guess...or is there any other??? Anyway, I just wanted to stated that my most favorite character in the series is...Yang Kang!! One of my many reasons is because the character played by my all-time favorite actor, too, Miu Kiu Wai =P So, I have to apologize that I'm only going to provide the scripts of the episodes where Yang Kang is the main character, or it has Yang Kang and Mu Nianci special scenes!! So, sorry....actually, I would LOVE to type ALL the scripts' episodes....but, then again I only do this as for a hobby...^^

Anyway, the first episodes that has Yang Kang as the main character is when he found out about his real identity and he has to choose between two paths...good or bad, and when the conflict of the Yang family begins to rise. I think these episodes are superb, as we can see how wonderful Miu Kiu Wai, Sharon Yeung, Patrick Tse, Bao Xiruo's actress, and Wanyan Hong Lie's actor actings are!!!^^ Especially...of course, Miu Kiu Wai!! I think, 'till this day, no one has ever portray Yang Kang better than Miu Kiu Wai!!!!^^ Okay, then, enough with the introduction, let's get onto the script!!!!^O^

Note: Since LoCH 1982 is a Hongkong production, I would use the Cantonese for the character's names...hope thats fine...^-^


Summary of previous episodes :
After 18 years, Yeung Tit Sum finally found his sworn brother's only son...Kwok Jing!! Kwok Jing, Wong Yung, Mok Dim Chi, and Yeung Tit Sum stay at the same hotel, so they gather a lot every night, 'til one day, a Taoist come into town, it turns out that he's the 5th disciple of Chin Sun Gow. I forgot why, but Yeung Hong and Ol Yeung Hak creates a plot to kill the Taoist AND Kwok Jing. So, the Taoist got poisoned. And, then after Wong Yung suceeded in getting the antidote from the palace, she gave it to the Taoist so he can heal himself. Meanwhile, Wong Yung tells Yeung Tit Sum, that when she take the Queen as a hostage, she's very kind-hearted unlike her son, and she rather lives in an old house than the beautiful palace. After manage to know the Queen's name from a palace servant, Yeung Tit Sum search is over now, it is revealed that the Queen is his long lost wife. With the help of Wong Yung, Yeung Tit Sum arrange a plan so he can meet in person with his wife after 18 years. When, Pao Sik Yeung visit the temple with Yeung Hong, Mok Dim Chi approach them, and tell him that she needs to talk to him. Then, Sik Yeung let Yeung Hong go for awhile. While, Mok Dim Chi took Yeung Hong to a place pretty far from the temple. Sik Yeung and her servant confuse with the very quiet situation temple, suddenly Kwok Jing arrest the servant, and Wong Yung put a knife on Sik Yeung's neck. And, this is where the script of the episode begins....

Episode 14 -15

(Yeung Tit Sum comes out, and Pao Sik Yeung is very shocked seeing him still alive. They slowly walk towards each other, and then they're facing each other. Wong Yung smile upon seeing this, and then Kwok Jing walk towards her)

Background music : A dramatic theme which totally described someone's shockness ^_^ Very beautiful!

Wong Yung : Hey, let's go...
(Kwok Jing nods, they exit the temple leaving Tit Sum and Sik Yeung alone)
Sik Yeung : *not sure* Are you a ghost or a human? *touches Tit Sum's face* You...You're......*sob*....Tit Sum!!!!
(Sik Yeung bump her own body to his and hug him)
Tit Sum   : Can you be more well-mannered......Your Majesty?
(Sik Yeung pull herself away, and then gaze at him, then she kneel down, sobbing)
Sik Yeung : Tit Sum!! I thought you were dead!! I really don't know you're still alive......
Tit Sum   : You think I'm dead...I can't blame you. But, why must marry a Gum?
(Sik Yeung didn't answer, she keeps sobbing. Then, he carress her hair, then kneel down with her)
Tit Sum   : For 18 years, I've been looking for you...and, also for 18 years, I suffered...
Sik Yeung : Tit Sum....I've made a mistake! I shouldn't marry again....*sob*....
Tit Sum   : Sik Yeung, it's not your fault, I don't blame you......
Sik Yeung : (stands up) You know, I've always wanted to commit a suicide to end everything.....I can't face the fact that you're dead. However, he was there when I got through hard times, if it's not because of him(refer to Yee Lan Hung Lit), maybe our son will die after he was born...
Tit Sum   : Where is our son?
Sik Yeung : Your an adult now, he's 18 years old...
Tit Sum   : Is he Yeung Hong??

(The scene jumps to where Yeung Hong and Dim Chi talk)
Yeung Hong  : What do you want to talk about?!
Mok Dim Chi : I---I....
Yeung Hong  : Why are you so nervous?? Just say it! What do you want to talk about?!
Mok Dim Chi : I---I've already thought about it......we love each other, so I guess we don't have to care about our status...
Yeung Hong  : *smile and touch her both shoulder* Dim Chi....I'm happy to hear that....
Mok Dim Chi : Father wants to meet you...
Yeung Hong  : Uh....I have to accompany mother now, I think you better meet me in the palace tonight! See you later...
Mok Dim Chi : Wait! Father wants to meet you now!
Yeung Hong  : I don't have time now! Goodbye...(he walks off)

(Back to Tit Sum and Sik Yeung scene. They're embracing each other now)
Sik Yeung : I never thought I can ever see you again...
Tit Sum   : (pulls away) Sik Yeung, promise me......come back to me, and we'll take our son with us.
Sik Yeung : *pause for a moment* Uhh....what should I say to him?? For over than 10 years he has helped us getting through hard times.....
Tit Sum   : Sik Yeung, you told me that you don't love him. You said, for over than 10 years you only think about me, and not him....
Sik Yeung : Oh, you won't understand the trouble I'm going to through.
Tit Sum   : That trouble.....are you afraid to lose your wealthiness??
(Sik Yeung startled and gaze at him)
Tit Sum   : Or....maybe, you're afraid he's gonna hurt you if you leave him??
Sik Yeung : No, he won't do that...if I want to leave, I'm sure he's just gonna let me leave...
Tit Sum   : Then, what are you still think of?
(Kwok Jing storms in)
Kwok Jing : Uncle Yeung!
(Sik Yeung startled)
Tit Sum   : Don't worry, he's brother Kwok's son...
Sik Yeung : Oh!! *look pleased*
(Kwok Jing smile to Sik Yeung then report to his uncle)
Kwok Jing : Miss Mok cannot hold Yee Lan Hong any longer...he's going to come here!
Tit Sum   : Then, just let him come here, he's my son!
Kwok Jing : What?!
Sik Yeung : Are you going to tell him now?
Tit Sum   : Of course....
Sik Yeung : Please, don't! I'm sure he's not ready yet.....uhh, where do you stay??
Tit Sum   : 'Fortune' hotel.....'Peace' room....
(Wong Yung storms in)
Wong Yung : Yee Lan Hong's coming!!
Sik Yeung : (to Tit Sum) Go! Go through the backdoor!!
Tit Sum   : Sik Yeung, you....
Sik Yeung : Trust me! In 10 days, I will find you!
Tit Sum   : Sik Yeung....
Sik Yeung : Tit Sum...
(Tit Sum, Kwok Jing, and Wong Yung leave the temple)

(Meanwhile Yeung Hong is shocked seeing the soldiers and the maiden are unconscious and tied at the front of the temple, he rushed inside. And, see his mother is praying)
Yeung Hong : Mother!
(Sik Yeung stands up)
Yeung Hong : Mother....
Sik Yeung  : Hong-erl, let's go home...
Yeung Hong : Mother! Our maiden and soldiers are all unconscious and tied up!!
Sik Yeung  : Really?
Yeung Hong : Mother, what happened?!
Sik Yeung  : Come on, let's go home....I'll tell you later...

(The scene jumps to Sik Yeung's old house in the palace)
Sik Yeung  : Actually....they're tied up by your father's men...
Yeung Hong : Oh!! Is Prince Father back already?
Sik Yeung  : Not Prince Father, but your father....
Yeung Hong : Mother...I don't understand...
Sik Yeung  : This spear is taken from the Lau Village by Prince Father, all these instruments are taken from that village also...
Yeung Hong : Mother, where's the location of that village?
Sik Yeung  : That village located at the South that village, your father was born and raised, and also married there.
Yeung Hong : Mother, father is the 6th Gum Prince, he can't be came from that place.
Sik Yeung  : Hong-erl! You're a stepson....your name isn't Yee Lan Hong! Your actual surname is Yeung, your name is Yeung Hong!
Yeung Hong : must be sick!!(walks off)
Sik Yeung  : Hong-erl!! I'm not sick! This spear belongs to your father! Your stepfather is the 6th Gum Prince and your birth father is...Yeung Tit Sum!!!
Yeung Hong : *shocked* I don't believe it!!!!
Sik Yeung  : Hong-erl, why should I lie to you?!
Yeung Hong : I don't believe it!!! Coz---coz, my father is the 6th Gum Prince!!
Sik Yeung  : Hong-erl!
(Suddenly, there's a knock on the door, Yeung Hong opens it)
Soldier : (to Sik Yeung)Your Majesty! Your Highness is back, he wants to meet you!
(Yeung Hong rushed to his stepfather, Sik Yeung after him)
Yeung Hong       : Father!! Tell me, am I a stepson?!?!?
(Yee Lan Hung Lit's shocked by his question)
Yeung Hong       : Father! Tell me, am I your stepson???
(Sik Yeung comes in)
Sik Yeung          : Hong-erl! Don't be rude!!
Yeung Hong       : Mother just told me that my surname is Yeung, is that true, Father???? Father! Answer me!!!
Yee Lan Hung Lit : *long pause, then...* Uh-heh...your mother is just joking! How can you take that seriously?! *laughing* Sik Yeung, you're his mother, how can you do this to him?? Hehe...
Sik Yeung           : Your Highness!!
Yee Lan Hung Lit : Uh, I've just come back from the west, and I bring something for you! Can you guess?? I'll give three guesses.
Sik Yeung           : Your Highness! This----.....
Yee Lan Hung Lit : Uhh...Hong-erl, can you leave your mother and me alone for awhile?? I need to talk to her.
Yeung Hong        : Can I leave for couple of days, father?
Yee Lan Hung Lit : Sure, sure...whatever pleased you...
Yeung Hong        : Then, I'll go now....
Sik Yeung           : Hong-erl! I want to talk to you!!
Yee Lan Hung Lit : If you have something to talk about to him, just do it later after he come back....uh, Hong-erl, take care yourself!!
(Yeung Hong walks out)
Yee Lan Hung Lit : Let him go.....Sik Yeung, why did you tell him??? You made him uncomfortable!
Sik Yeung        : Your Highness, why did you lie to me?? You said you saw my husband's dead body!!

(The scene change to the hotel where Tit Sum, Dim Chi, Kwok Jing and Wong Yung stay. They're all celebrating this with drinking wine)
Tit Sum     : C'mon, let's drink!! Ahahaha...
Kwok Jing : Ehh....Uncle Yeung, you're drunk!
Tit Sum     : Don't worry!
Dim Chi     : Father, please, don't drink any more...this is not good!
Tit Sum      : Eheheheh....Dim Chiii, you know....this is my happiest day in my life!!
Wong Yung : *laughing too* That's right!! This must be your day!!
Tit Sum   : Then, let's drink more!! We'll celebrate my happiest day!
Dim Chi   : Father, brother Kwok has to leave tomorrow morning, let him sleep now!
Wong Yung : Uhhh, yes! We have to go tomorrow morning!
Kwok Jing : Mmmmh....not "we", just me!
Wong Yung : Hmppph...I want to go with you!!
Kwok Jing : After I go to see my teachers in Ka Hing, I'm going back here! I think you better stay here with Uncle Yeung and Miss Mok....
Wong Yung : Hmph!!
Kwok Jing : *smile* Afterall, if you're here, I don't have to worry....
(Wong Yung sticks out her tongue)

(Back to the palace)
Sik Yeung        : You should've not lie to me, you said you saw my husband's body...
Yee Lan Hung Lit : I'm not lying, General Ching told me he saw his can this happen??
(Sik Yeung sighed)
Yee Lan Hung Lit : Don't worry, you're too tired, you better rest now....look, your eyes are getting red....
Sik Yeung        : Your Highness! He----......he ask me to come back to him....
Yee Lan Hung Lit : Hmmmm.....his request is rational, if I am him, I will do the same thing...
Sik Yeung        : Your Highness.....
Yee Lan Hung Lit : When will you leave?
Sik Yeung        : I promised 10 days, I will bring Hong-erl to him...
Yee Lan Hung Lit : *shocked* That means, you'll leave me in 10're not worry leaving the palace?!? Tell me!
Sik Yeung        : No...I'm not....
Yee Lan Hung Lit : Then....follow me!!!
(Hung Lit grab her hand and rudely drag her to her old house, he throw her to her bed, and then slap her face twice)
Sik Yeung        : *sobbing* Your Highness!
Yee Lan Hung Lit : Pay your debt first, before you leave!!! I have never slap you, I've never been rude to you, especially because I love you!! Now, I slap you because you're too cruel and have no heart to me!!! All my brothers has concubines, while I'm not!! Do you know why??? Because I only love you!!!
Sik Yeung        : Your Highness......I've once told you, that for all this time I only love my husband, you know that!
Yee Lan Hung Lit : I know, even though you know he's dead, you still love him! I can never be compare to a dead body!!!!
Sik Yeung        : You already know that.....
Yee Lan Hung Lit : Now I know, after all these years, whatever I do I can never change your heart, I've always been nice and sincere to you in the hope that I can change your feelings, but the truth is you have no feelings at all!!!!
Sik Yeung        : *sobbing* I do have feelings!! But, by marrying you..... I felt guilty to my husband!
Sik Yeung        : You can say that you've done many things for me! But, do you ever think that I've also done a lot more by marrying you??? I'm not loyal to my own husband.......I don't have any debt to you....if you forbid me to go...I won't do what you say, I have to go....(turns away)
Yee Lan Hung Lit : Don't go!
Sik Yeung        : I don't have to pay anything....
Yee Lan Hung Lit : You don't, but maybe I have........DON'T EVER THINK LEAVING THIS PALACE FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!!!

(Tit Sum, Dim Chi and Wong Yung are eating their lunch in their room, Wong Yung didn't eat her food)
Dim Chi   : Why don't you eat?? If brother Kwok back, and see you get thinner, he'll be dissapointed...
Wong Yung : Hmmm....I'm full already, don't want to eat anymore.....
Tit Sum   : Heheh, if you don't want to eat, then there'll be plenty food for us......uhh, if you can't stay here any longer, then you better after Jing-erl!
Wong Yung : Ahhhh!! So, you guys don't need me anymore! If anything happens, don't blame me, okay?!(she cheerfully walks out the room)
(Tit Sum and Dim Chi laugh seeing her attitude)

(Back to the palace, Sik Yeung is on the bed and refuse to eat)
Maid      : Your Majesty, if you don't want to eat, then just drink the soup...
(Sik Yeung gets up and then push the food tray down and broke it)
Maid      : Ahhhh!
Sik Yeung : Go! Leave me alone!

(Meanwhile, in the Lau Ka Chin village)
Blacksmith : Yeung Tit Sum?! I remember him!
Yeung Hong : If you remember you remember his wife?
Blacksmith : Yes, I remember, they're so in love with each other, but bad luck is upon them, they got separated....the one is the most unlucky is the son she carried on her womb....
(Yeung Hong startled)
Blacksmith : I still remember the last day I met him....

Tit Sum    : Brother Cheung!!
Blacksmith : Eheh...from the market?
Tit Sum    : Yes, brother Cheung! Oh, cart's broken, I'll bring it here next time, so you can fix it, will you??
Blacksmith : Of course! I'll fix it whenever you want to! Hey, where's your wife?
Tit Sum    : Ohh! She's resting at home, she's not feeling good!
Blacksmith : Heyyyy....why are you so happy?? Your wife is sick!
Tit Sum    : Ahh! She's pregnant!!
Blacksmith : Pregnant?!?
Tit Sum    : Uh-uh, it's been two months, so next year I'm going to be a father!! Eheh...
(Back to present time, Yeung Hong is shocked...)

(In the palace, Sik Yeung is gazing at the spear, she grab it and then when she's just about to stab it to her stomache, Hung Lit walks in and prevent her from commiting a suicide)
Hung Lit  : Get a doctor!!
Soldier   : Alright!
Sik Yeung : Your Highness, let me die!! I want to die!
Hung Lit  : You aren't suppose to be this cruel to yourself!!
(Sik Yeung faces another direction, not wanting to see his face)
Hung Lit  : I don't think you want your son lose her mother when he meet his father again....
(She still faces another way, Hung Lit hit the ground with his palm then stands up)
Hung Lit  : Leave this palace at once!! From now on, we have NOTHING!!! GO NOW!!
Sik Yeung : Your Highness....
Hung Lit  : Just tell me where you going, I'll tell A Hong when he's back!
Sik Yeung : Your Highness.......please, get me a doctor, I don't want to die now....

(A few minutes later)
Doctor    : Your Highness.....the Queen will get well soon!
Hung Lit  : *nods*(to his servant)Show him the way out....

***Author's note : For some reasons, starting this point 'til the end of the script, I didn't get to tape it on my VCR, and I typed all this based on my memory a day after I watched the episode, so I'm VERY sorry if I missed some dialogue or not actually the RIGHT translation, but it's pretty much the gist ^_^

(Hung Lit gather his men in a room)
Hung Lit : "Fortune" hotel, "Peace" room....I want you to kill him right away!
Man #1   : But, I never see his face...
Hung Lit : Then, just blocked the path to the hotel and kill EVERY person that walks in and out!
Man #2   : Don't worry Your Highness! We'll do it immediately!!

(Sik Yeung's room, she's about to leave the room)
Hung Lit  : want to leave now?!
Sik Yeung : Your Highness.....
Hung Lit  : At least, stay just for tonight! It's already dark outside! You can leave tomorrow morning...
(Sik Yeung sighed)

(Meanwhile Yeung Hong, who dressed like a beggar, arrived at the front of "Fortune" hotel. He gaze at it, and then decided to stay at the front of it and just sit there 'till morning)

(The next morning...a hotel servant walks out)
Servant    : Uaaahhhh!!! Morning comes.....*notice Yeung Hong*....hey, beggar!! What are you doing here! Leave this place!!
Yeung Hong : *grab the servant's outfit* What did you say??? How dare you tell me to leave!
Servant    : He---heyyy....
(Suddenly everyone is running here and there and screaming, Yeung Hong caught a villager)
Yeung Hong : What happens??
Villager   : The Gum soldiers blocked every street, and I hear they're going to kill us all!!
(Yeung Hong let him go, then he runs off)
(Yeung Hong walk to the blocked street which is guarded by the Gum soldiers)
Soldier #1 : Hey, where you think you're going?!?
Yeung Hong : You're just a soldier, how dare you talk to me like that!! I'm a Gum Prince!
Soldier #2 : Hey, listen! He said he's a prince!!
(The soldiers laughing)
Soldier #3 : Heheh....Your Majesty, will you need a litter to carry you to the palace, hmm?
Yeung Hong : I don't ever want to go back to the palace again!!!!!
Soldier #1 : If you're a prince, then that makes me as the emperor!! Ahahahahah!!!
(Yeung Hong grab him, but prevent by the others, and then they beat him, then a soldier grab him by the neck)
Soldier #3 : Come on!! Bark for us!! Bark!!!
(He throw him to the ground and then they're kicking Yeung Hong)

(The scene jumps to Yeung Hong sitting alone in a dark path and thinking about his fate, suddenly he drop his palace symbol, and he think of something)

(Back to the palace, Sik Yeung is writing something on a piece of paper, Hung Lit comes in)
Sik Yeung : This is the address where I'm going to...please, give it to Yeung Hong when he's back...
Hung Lit  : *nods* The litter is ready, and bring this with you....(he handed her a letter)....with this, no one can bother's a sign that you still have the palace's protection...(Sik Yeung nods)

(Meanwhile Hung Lit's men start the operation, and beginning to slaught the villagers around the hotel)

(Tit Sum and Dim Chi hear the sound of swords and screams from inside the room)
Tit Sum : Ehh....what happened?!?!(he and Dim Chi and walks out and, unavoidable, they got in the middle of the fights too)

(Yeung Hong is around, the Gum soldiers are attacking him, but he manage to fight them all, then he got into a fight with every Gum soldier he meet)

Background music : Themesong 1, click here ^_~

(Sik Yeung is shocked with the situation, she looks out, and suddenly a dead body fall on her lap, she scream)

(Meanwhile, Tit Sum and Mok Dim Chi are trying to fight the Gum soldiers, Dim Chi use her sword to fight them, then suddenly Hung Lit's main men saw Yeung Tit Sum and after him, when he's about to be killed...)
Yeung Hong : STOP!!!
Man #1     : Oh! Your Majesty....
(Tit Sum and Mok Dim Chi use this chance to escape, and Yeung Hong give them the way)
Yeung Hong : What happened here?
Man #2     : This is your father's order, please don't step in our way!!
(As they walks off the hotel, Sik Yeung walks in, and shocked upon seeing all dead bodies around, then she passed out. Yeung Hong rush to her mother)
Yeung Hong : MOTHER!!

(Sik Yeung, once again brought to the palace and still unconscious)
Yeung Hong :'s me, your son....mother.....
Hung Lit   : What's wrong with her?!
Doctor     : Your Majesty is under a big pressure, she can't take it anymore, so she passed out for uncertain time.....
Hung Lit   : What?!?! If anything happens to her, I'll bury you alive together with her body!!!

(Hung Lit is in the old house when Yeung Hong storms in)
Hung Lit   : Hong-erl! Are you crazy?! What do you mean???
Yeung Hong : Because of you, mother is unconscious!! If you didn't send your men to kill Yeung Tit Sum, she won't be like this!!
Hung Lit   : *sighed* A you know? Yeung Tit Sum is a cruel man, after leaving your mother in the past, now he's back to blackmail your mother! Now, do you think he's a good man?? After all this time, your mother only loves me!
Yeung Hong : LIAR!! Before mother passed out, she calls out Yeung Tit Sum's name!!
Hung Lit   : *startled* Err....even though, she calls out his name, but that is not a reason to blame your father, afterall you are from my own blood!
Yeung Hong : Huh....I already went to Lau village, and search for my real identity....and, I know that my real father is...Yeung Tit Sum!!
Hung Lit   : *pause* Err...mmh....good, you already know where you came from, so I don't have to hide anything from you anymore...but, for 18 years, I have already gave you eveything you ever wanted!!! Wealthiness, title, everything! Are you willing to let all that go, and live as a poor man on the street?!? Afterall, whatever happen I still think of you as my own son!!
Yeung Hong : You really think I'm your son?
Hung Lit   : Of course!
Yeung Hong : Huh! Really??? Or is it, just because you're afraid all your crime will widely open and you'll lose your face??!?!!
Hung Lit   : You------.......(he gives a sign to his man)
(Suddenly, the man arrest Yeung Hong)
Hung Lit   : You are not allowed to get out from this house, until you realize what you've done!!
(He walks out the house, then his man chained the door, suddenly from inside, Yeung Hong throw a plate to the door and broke them, Hung Lit freeze, but then he continue)

(Meanwhile, Tit Sum and Dim Chi is in an old house, he's hurt, and keep calling out Sik Yeung's name)
Tit Sum : Sik Yeung.....Sik Yeung....
Dim Chi : Father! It's me Dim Chi!
Tit Sum : Ekkkhhh.....she promised me she'll find me in 10 days....what day is now??
Dim Chi : *sob* Father!

(Back to the palace)
Soldier    : Your Highness, the Emperor and the 3rd Prince is visiting!!
Hung Lit   : Oh!
(Hung Lit rush to meet his father at the gate)
Emperor    : Ahhh!! Hung Lit! How are you??
Hung Lit   : I'm fine, father....
Emperor    : Ehhh....where's my grandson?!
(Hung Lit becomes nervous)
3rd Prince : Yes!! Where's Hong-erl?? How rude he is, not meeting the emperor at the gate!!
Hung Lit   : Uhhhh....he's sick, he don't feel very good....
(The Emperor and the 3rd Prince walks in the palace)
Hung Lit : Uhhh....father! Where are you going??? Let's drink wine first in the dining room! This way...
Emperor  : I want to see Hong-erl first!!
Hung Lit : Errr....father, he's sick......
Emperor  : That's why, I have to see him now!
Hung Lit : Uhhh, father, Hong-erl is in the Resting House, he's not here....
Emperor  : What?
Hung Lit : Yes...he's not here, so let's-----
(Suddenly, a servant burst in and report to Hung Lit)
Servant  : Your Highness!! The Young Prince is very angry, he's uncontrolled anymore, he broke every things in that house, I think he's going crazy!
Emperor  : Heyyyy......what's wrong here??? You said he's in the Resting House!(walks off)
Hung Lit : Father!! Father!

(The Emperor reach the old house and see that the door is chained and guarded by a soldier)
Emperor : Open it!!
(The soldier is nervous and looking at Hung Lit, Hung Lit nods, then he open the door, suddenly a basket is flying towards the emperor from inside, it hit him, then Yeung Hong walks out with a very angry face)
3rd Prince : Hey!!! Are you nuts??? What have you done here??
Hung Lit   : Hong-erl!
(Yeung Hong just freeze and gaze at them with a serious look on his face)
Emperor    : Hong-erl! What is the matter with you??
Yeung Hong : Shut up! I hate you all!!
Emperor    : What??
Hung Lit   : Errr....mmmh....uhh.....father, Yeung Hong had disobeyed me, he wants to marry a singer, a Han woman.....
Emperor    :, that's the problem....Hong-erl, listen to me....I understand, you start to have issue with women in your age....eheh....
(Suddenly, a flashback when he was insulted and tortured as a Han person come across his mind)
Emperor    : I understand if you want to marry a Han woman, but you also have to pay attention to your status, Hong-eeerl...eheheh...
(A flashback he was beaten and kicked come upon his mind once again)
Emperor    : There are LOTS of beautiful Gum women, and you can just pick one of them.....eheheheh......
3rd Prince : Hey, Hong-erl!! Father is being so nice to you, why don't you respect him???
(Yeung Hong back from his flashbacks, and he had already made up his mind, he choose a path....)
Yeung Hong : *kneel down* Uhh.....please, accept your grandson's apology, I've realized all my faults....please, accept my respect to you, Your Highness!!
Emperor    : Ahahahahah!! Hong-erl, you made me worried!! Come on, let's go, accompany your grandfather drink wine!!! Ahahah.....

(The scene jumps to a temple where Yeung Hong is praying for his mother, and he's back with his royal outfit too)
Yeung Hong : God, please, cure my mother, and give her a long live age (he bow three times)
(Yeung Hong comes out the temple, where his two loyal servants waiting, and suddenly three Gum soldiers who insulted and beaten him the other day are passing by, without noticing Yeung Hong)
Servant #1 : Hey!! How could you?! There's a Young Prince in front of you, why don't you give him a respect???
Soldier #1 : What?? So you----you are really a prince?!?
Servant #2 : Quick!!! Bow to Your Majesty!
Yeung Hong : Your mistakes are unforgivable!! But, I still want to let you live!(he beats the three of them) Now, crawl!!!
Soldiers   : Thank you, thank you, sir.....(they're about to leave)
Yeung Hong : WAIT!! I said, CRAWL!!!!
(The soldiers then crawl leaving the place, when they left, Yeung Hong saw Mok Dim Chi starring at him)

(The scene jumps to around the forest, where Yeung Hong and Mok Dim Chi talk, just the two of them, while walking through the forest)
Dim Chi    : The Gum soldiers are very viscious and mean!! They've slaughtered all the villagers......fortunately, you came that day, or else, maybe father and I have already killed by now....
Yeung Hong : How is he?
Dim Chi    : mean, my father?(Yeung Hong nods)He's alright...but, all he do all day is just daydreaming and keep calling out your mother's name.....oh, I hear he's your birth father!
Yeung Hong : Please, don't talk about that!
Dim Chi    : But, he is...right?? He wants to gather with you and your mother once again!
Yeung Hong : You have to prevent him from doing that!
Dim Chi    : But, why?!?
Yeung Hong : Don't get me wrong! I say this, because I'm worried about him, the palace is surrounded by the Gum Soldiers, just let mother and me contact you.
Dim Chi    : Really?! We stay in an old house 50 miles from Kai Fang....
Yeung Hong : Hmm...I'll tell mother about that...

(In the palace, Yeung Hong is lying to her -now conscious- mother)
Yeung Hong : Mother, it turns out those soldiers aren't father's order, he didn't know anything, they move the operation without his acknowledgement, and now he's punishing the people behind it. So, don't blame him, mother...
Sik Yeung  : *long pause* Mmh....Hong-erl, how 'bout your birth father?! Where is he???
Yeung Hong : He---he's fine....
Sik Yeung  : I have to go to him!!
Yeung Hong : Mother! He stay at Kai Fang for now, and it's very far from here...afterall you're still sick!
Sik Yeung  : But---but, I promised your father I'll bring you with me in 10 days!!
Yeung Hong : Mmmhh...mother, tell you what, just write him a letter to lightened your pressure, then tomorrow morning I'll give it to him
Sik Yeung  : *sighed* A---alright, fine, give me the stationery.....

(The scene jumps to a room where Yee Lan Hung Lit sit, Yeung Hong comes in)

Yeung Hong : What is it, father??
Hung Lit   : (noticed the letter in his hand)What is that?? Let me see...
Yeung Hong : *a little hesitate* This....this is....
Hung Lit   : *took it from his hand and read it, and suddenly tear it into pieces*
Yeung Hong : Father!!! What have you done?!?! Mother wrote this letter for fa---.....
(Hung Lit stare at him angrily)
Yeung Hong : Mh....mother wrote this letter for Yeung Tit Sum! What should I say to her now??
Hung Lit   : What are your plans, Hong-erl??
Yeung Hong : I'll stay in the palace, father.....and, I'm also going to ask mother the same thing! And, as for the Lau villagers who knows my real have to take an action, father!
Hung Lit   : How 'bout that letter...
Yeung Hong : I'll write another one!

(The scene jumps where Yeung Hong dictate a man to write a new and different letter)
Yeung Hong : ......I can't leave the palace, so don't ever try to look for me ever again. You still have your looks, you can get another wife again, just leave me alone.......

(In an old house, where Yeung Tit Sum and Mok Dim Chi stay for awhile)
Tit Sum : Dim Chi....where is sheee??? She promised me in 10 days......where is she?!
Dim Chi : Father...
(Suddenly, Yeung Hong walks in)
Yeung Hong : Father......
Tit Sum    : *looked very happy* Ahhh!! My son! You---....where's your mother??!
Yeung Hong : She---.....
Tit Sum    : What is it?? Where is she?
Yeung Hong : She wants me to give you this letter to you...
(Tit Sum receive the letter and back away for few steps, he read the letter, he looks very dissapointed)
Tit Sum    : can't be it...she didn't write this letter!!!! No, it can't be!! She promised me she'll come back to me in 10 days!!!! She didn't write this letter!!! Why are you lying to me??? WHY?!?!?
Yeung Hong : I'm not lying to you, don't you remember her handwritings?!?!?
Tit Sum    : But, she promised me!!! She promised me!!
Yeung Hong : Give it up! For over than 10 years, we have lived in the palace, you think we can just adjust with your poor life??? Even I, don't want to change this way of, that is it, we can't go back to you....
Dim Chi    : You--you're savage!!!
Yeung Hong : Yes, I am savage!! I'm an animal!!! But, that's the way I can never understand!
Tit Sum    : Get outta here....GET OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!(he beats Yeung Hong twice 'till he falls)

***Author's note : A little time out here...=P I have to say, that Miu Kiu Wai's acting is MAGINIFICENT here, since I can see his eyes are actually watery, and his expression is sad, but, I'm stating that....

(Yeung Hong IS actually sad with the situation =P)
Yeung Hong : *kneel down and bow* Please, take care yourself, father...
Tit Sum    : OUT!!! NOW!!!!
(Yeung Hong then leave the house,  but Mok Dim Chi after him)
Dim Chi    : Why?!? Why are you so cruel to him???? He's your birth father!!!
Yeung Hong : Do you have his stuff??? Give it to me, as a remembrances.
Dim Chi    : You don't want him...but, you want his stuff?!?!?
Yeung Hong : *sighed* Because of him, I exist....don't think I don't care!
Dim Chi    : So, then, why?
Yeung Hong : You're not can never understand! (about to leave)
Dim Chi    : Wait!! (Yeung Hong turns back) Father gave this to me when I was 10 years old, and it has been passed on generation to generation...take it...
Yeung Hong : (take the written jade) Thanks....(leaves)

(Meanwhile, inside the house, Tit Sum burn the letter, Dim Chi comes in and sobbing)
Dim Chi : Father! Don't do this!

(Back to the palace...a servant report to Pao Sik Yeung)
Sik Yeung : He's back?!
Servant   : Yes, Your Majesty, but he acted a little weird...he's in the old house doing something, and when I was passing by, he's very shocked and rush closing the door!

(Sik Yeung go to the old house to see what her son's doing, but when Yeung Hong see her, she rushed outside to prevent his mother from coming inside the house)
Yeung Hong : Mother!! Don't come inside!!
Sik Yeung  : Yeung Hong...what are you doing?? Why don't directly come to me after you're back??!? Have you meet your father??
Yeung Hong : Yes, mother I went to see father....
Sik Yeung  : Then, how is it?
Yeung Hong : I---I....
Sik Yeung  : (see the smoke from inside)Wait a minute...what are you burning????
Yeung Hong : Mother!! Don't!(he's about to prevent his mother, when the written jade accidentally fall down)
Sik Yeung  : Wait.....(take the jade), where did you get this?!? Hong-erl!!
Yeung Hong : Father...father gave it to me, mother....
(Sik Yeung rushes inside and see burning dusts)
Yeung Hong : Mother, don't!!
Sik Yeung  : What happened here?!?! Who is it for??? Who died?? Hong-erl?!
Yeung Hong : Mother...
(Sik Yeung turns back and see Yeung Tit Sum's written plague, she was very shocked)

(Pao Sik Yeung is about to leave the palace)
Hung Lit  : Do you have everything with you??
Sik Yeung : *nods*
Hung Lit  : Remember, that you can always come back to the palace whenever you want to...
Sik Yeung : (turns away) Hong-erl, let's go! (starts to leave)
(Hung Lit give him a sign)
Yeung Hong : *kneel down* Mother!!!! Step father has already raised and care about me for 18 years, I can't just leave stepfather like that!!
Sik Yeung  : .........then, do whatever please you......(leaving)
Yeung Hong : Mother!! Don't you want me anymore?!?
Sik Yeung  : *freeze and then, sobbing*
Yeung Hong : Mother.....I've lost my birth father!! Can you really let me lose my step father too?!?!?
(Sik Yeung then keep sobbing, whilst in the background, we can see Hung Lit smile deviously, Yeung Hong give him a quick glance then turn to his mother again)
Yeung Hong : Mother, you must be very tired.....just take a rest now....
(Then, Yeung Hong and Hung Lit leaves the room, outside, Hung Lit continue smiling and nods at Yeung Hong, try to tell him that he has done a good job, while Yeung Hong just keep quiet without any expression, except a very serious expression ^.~)

~To Be Continued~

A Little Review of The Episode
Have to say, one of the BEST episodes!!!!!^O^ We get to see, how Yeung Hong actually ONCE decided to live as a Han person, his native. He actually once pick the good path, by being angry with Yee Lan Hung Lit, and refuse to recognize him as his father, even being rude to him!!(go Yeung Hong!! =P) But, then again....he decided, he has to choose the path he has been for 18 years, since he feels he can't adjust with that new life. Too bad....=(((( And, once again I have to say, Miu Kiu Wai did a superb job portraying Yeung Hong's feelings through those expressions!!! If you watch this episode, you can never tell which one's the REAL expression and which is the FAKE expression >_< So good!! And, it also make us wondering whether Yeung Hong really mean what he say or not....O_o
Sharon Yeung also did a terrific job as Mok Dim Chi, she feels very sorry for his step father, and will do anything to cheer him up. While, Patrick Tse did a fine job as Yeung Tit Sum, although he failed in some scenes involving how he actually feels about his he still hate Yeung Hong or not?? He didn't express that clearly. The actress who played Pao Sik Yeung also did a terrific job, I think she portray her character well, as Pao Sik Yeung is a very weak and a pushover woman. Yee Lan Hung Lit's actor did a good job too, it makes us feel sick with his attitude!!!^^ Once, we can tell he actually mean what he said....but, we can also tell when he didn't mean what he said at all, just pretend to be nice to Pao Sik Yeung >_<
Well...from this episode, we can reveal that Yeung Gor, the main character for the sequel of the series, has a family's ascendant background with CHOCK-FULL of conflicts!!!^_^
Oh, well...I hope I'll type the script again soon!! And, maybe I'll even type Kwok Jing and Wong Yung's special too, one day!!!^^

If someone EVER wants to contribute an episode script, please, DO e-mail it to me!!!^^ I'll be glad to post it up here and give you full credit!!!^_____^