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To my very own homepage of my all-time favorite Jin Yong's trilogy!!!!!^O^ I've always loved his works, especially the famous trilogy, Legend of The Condor Heroes(LOCH), Return of The Condor Heroes(ROCH) and Heaven Sword & Dragon Sabre(HSDS)!!!^^ Those three has chock-full of conflicts, interesting and creative plotline, and unique characters.

My name is Yanie!!^^ I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. I'm an avid fan of wuxia stories!!!!!^^ And I love most of Jin Yong's wuxia books! His works are my faves!

I'm not planning to make an advance site, just want to make it simple, as a hobby of mine. So, I'm very sorry, but I'm not going to update that frequent either >_< Maybe, when the sections are all up, I'm only gonna update once every couple of months......too long for you?? Eek...sorry =P

I have various kinds of sections here.....just feel free to look around, although not all sections are up yet, I'll try to finish as soon as I can, while I'm still on my college break ^^ ENJOY!!!!^O^

This is a space where I give opinions about : what I have watched recently, latest news on Jin Yong TV adaptations, or novels I've just read!^^

  • Just finished LoCH2003 and HSDS2002! LoCH03 is superb!! HSDS02 is so-so, but enjoyable^^
    Yet, I'm very sad....LoCH2003, which I think is the best adaptation ever made....not liked by many people, some of them even hate this one to the core. I think the pros and cons are 50-50. I wonder why? Does people not see the things Mainland offer in their wuxia serial which no Hongkong, Taiwan or Singapore ever have? Does people really only pay attention on the casts?
    I wouldn't argue, if people talking about the casts...maybe its kinda hard to accept unfamiliar faces, and will always think that LoCH82 casts are the best. And maybe most people is not used with Mainland actors' way of acting. But, I dont see why some people have to hate this adaptation to the core, wouldnt even give it a chance and look the other winning factors, besides the casts. The Mainland adaptations have colossal, epic and grandeur feel that no Hongkong/Taiwan productions have. The breathtaking sceneries, the amount of extras, great Chinese classic musics(for LoCH03 case)...and it is made really can really feel the 'wuxia' atmosphere. Not many serials can produce stuffs like these.
    Oh well, evry people have their own opinions^^ Can do nothing about that...maybe, most people are too used with Hongkong/Taiwan serials, while Mainland offers a big different kind of serial. So its either you lurrrrve it...or hate it^^
    Oh yeah....I really despise the messed up special FX >=\ How come it doesn't have XAJH01 special FX, not overly done and looks neutral and good? But, anyway...for me...the plot, the casts, the musics, and the other factors successfully over-shadowed that flaw ^-^

  • An announcement!!^O^ Starting right now, I'm expecting and receiving any kinds of reviews on ANY adaptations of the Condor Trilogy!! So, pls, DO send in your reviews to: !!


Things that has been added :

November, 9th 2003 : It's been 1 year and 7 month!!! Unbelivable!!^o^ I thought I would never update this website again... x) But since, new adaptations are produced, and I like them...I decided to update the site^^:
* LoCH and HSDS Adaptations sections are updated with pics and my reviews!!!^_____^

March, 29th 2002 : Surprise, surprise!!^^ After 5 months, I updated the site again =P Where have I been, you ask me? Well, I was actually still around...just don't have the idea what to update =P And a little lazy^^ I'll try to update more often from now...hopefully! Here are what I've updated:
* RoCH adaptations section is filled with review now...thanks to JB!!^_~ I need MORE!!!
* Added Zhang Cuishan and Yin Susu's pics from HSDS79 to HSDS adaptation!


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