Golden Five Tigers

The Five Tigers of TVB in the 1980s are the most highly-promoted HK actors in the early and late 80s. The five of them keep getting important roles in most of famous TV series adapted from Jin Yong and Gu Long novels, and especially all of them was in the 80s version of The Condor Trilogy. They've once played together in a TV series entitled The Yang Saga. Also played together on a movie entitled The Tigers, which tells the story about five bestfriends of cops/CID members, and ironically Kent Tong isn't one of the group, but he's the villain instead =P

Felix Wong Yat Wah
Felix Wong is most well-known as a flexible actor, who can play any kind of role well-done!!^^ He's just a superb, real talented actor...and he's also the most lasted TVB actor among the other tigers, his latest role was Hu Fei's father in Flying Fox 1999, and his latest main role was Qiao Feng in Demi Gods 97 ^_^ Now, in the Condor Trilogy, he played as the innocent Guo Jing in LOCH 1982, which irreplacable 'till now. No one can ever forget his image as Guo Jing, since he portrayed the character too well ^_~

Michael Miu Kiu Wai
Miu Kiu Wai is superb as Yang Kang in LOCH 1982 as part of The Condor Trilogy. No one can portray Yang Kang better than he is so far. A noble, cunning, greedy prince, but also have feelings and always in the middle of mental conflicts ^^  His second most famous role is Chu Liu Xiang adapted from Gu Long's novel. His image as Chu Liu Xiang is just perfect and suited really well on his physical appearance, not to mention he's very talented in acting, too!!^^ According to me, he's the only actor that can be compared with Felix Wong's acting skill, they're a tie!!!!^_~ Too bad.....he isn't in the entertainment business anymore, his last series was The Dragon Sword in 1989.

Kent Tong Chun Yip
Kent Tong is also in The Condor Trilogy as Huo Du, the Mongolian Prince on ROCH 1983. He is well-known as The Prince among the Five Tigers, since his most roles are princes ^_^ And, most of it, too....are villain roles >_< I dunno The Yang Saga, he's the ONLY tiger who's not one of the Yang brothers, in The Tigers, he's the only one who's not one of the cops/CID members >_< Maybe, because, he's more perfect as a villain =P Take a sample from DGSD 1984, he played as a good prince, but lots of people say, he made the character so boring >_<

Andy Lau Tak Wah
Andy Lau is well-known as the most handsome tiger among the others. But, not a lot of people appreciate his acting skill as Yang Guo in ROCH 1983 =( People say, he's not noble enough to be the descendant of the famous General Yeung, he's only perfect for the role when it comes flirting with the girls and making fun of people ^_^ He also got important roles on most of famous 80s TVB series.

Tony Leung Chiu Wai
As Zhang Wuji in HSDS 1986, Tony Leung got such a controversial feedbacks =P Some people say he's not perfect as Wuji, some people say he did a superb job as Zhang Wuji. I, myself, have to say although, he's The Best Zhang Wuji, however I prefer see him portraying funny characters such as Wei Xiao Bao(Mount Deer) and Xiao Yu-erl(The Twins) ^_~

Golden Five Beauties

Yammie Lam Ying Kit
Actually I'm not really familiar with Yammie Lam, so there's not much I can say about her, since she's also NOT in any of The Condor Trilogy >_< But, I heard she's a very talented actress, and also once played in one of Jin Yong's novel adaptation, The Book and The Sword.

Idy Chan Yuk Lin
She's the most popular and memorable actress in The Golden 80s next to Barbara Yung. Coincidentally, maybe she's the only actress that portrayed one important role in every part of The Condor Trilogy in different versions ^_~ She portrayed Huang Rong in LOCH, the CTS/Taiwanese version in 1988. She portrayed Xiao Long Nu in ROCH TVB 1983. Lastly, she portayed Xiao Zhou in HSDS TVB 1978 ^______^ Wow!!
However, what made her as a big star is the role as Xiao Long Nu in ROCH 83. No one can forget the way she portray XLN, since she portrayed the character almost perfect. 

Margie Tsang Wah Kin
Margie Tsang only took a little part in The Condor Trilogy, that Guo Xiang in HSDS 1986, but she's even only in Zhang Sam Feng's flashback >_< However, she is well-known as one of the highly-promoted actress along the 80s. Also, known as Tony Leung's girlfriend back then ^_^

Jamie Chic Mei Chun
I just love Jamie's beauty face, very near with perfection ^_^ She didn't take any part on The Condor Trilogy but, she's in one of Jin Yong's novel adaptation, The Smiling Proud Wanderer or State Of Divinity as Yue Lingshan, the main character's martial art sister. Since, I like her much better than Rebecca Chan....I was so dissapointed when I know Linghu Chong didn't end up with Yue Lingshan >_< I just leave the series, without watching it again anymore =P She also took a little role in one of Gu Long's novel adaptation, The Twins, as Yue No(the mother of the twins).

Kitty Lai Mei Han
Kitty Lai took an important role as the beautiful, cunning, intelligent, playful, and (sometimes) selfish Mongolian princess, Zhao Min in HSDS 1986. I like her way in portraying Zhao Min, although not the exact Zhao Min in the novel, but somehow I like Kitty's Zhao Min. It's this series that made me a fan of Kitty Lai, so I'm not saying this just because I'm a fan, since I don't know Kitty Lai before I see her in HSDS ^_~ And, I like her, maybe also because her on-screen chemistry with Tony Leung is very good, afterall, Tony and Kitty did get together since they play together in this series ^_^ I think it's right after he broke up with Margie Tsang =P Kitty also played in famous TVB series in the Golden 80s such as The Twins, Ordeal Before Revolution, The War Heroes, Legend of Dik Ching. However, her role as Zhao Min which made her a memorable actress ^_^

Fresh Five Tigers

Frankly, I was dissapointed with the New Five Tigers =( The Five Tigers are suppose to be the MOST highly-promoted actors, in this case, in the 90s!! But, I see not all the new five tigers are highly promoted >_< One of them even ONLY starred in ONE TVB series, so....I really don't know the categories for these new five tigers. And, for them I don't know well, I'll only put up the TV series they have starred in. 

Louis Koo Tin Lok
Now, this! I agree! Louis Koo is a must to be one of the tiger!!!^_^ Afterall, his role as Yang Guo in ROCH 95 was very promising. This made him straight as one of the top actor in the 90s!!!!^O^  Lots of people appreciate the way he portrayed Yeung Gor, almost perfect with the novel. He also got that noble look. The only part he's not very suited, when he portrayed 13 years old Yang Guo, TVB should really find a teenager actor for that role =P Louis Koo got most of important roles in famous 90s TVB series.

Leo Ku Kui Gei
This actor already left TVB. He starred in The Trail Of Love, Instinct, Stepping Stone, Justice Pao, Weapons Of Power, and Corner The Con Man.

Carlo Ng Ka Lok
I know he took a little part in ROCH 95, but unfortunately I didn't know as who >_< First I thought he was one of the Wu brothers, but he's not. Although I'm not too familiar with his face, but I can see why they pick him as one of the tiger by looking at his handsome face ^_~ His TV series are Class Of Distinction, Hand Of Hope, Stepping Stone, The Condor Heroes '95, Outburst, The Price To Pay, A Road And A Will, and A Recipe Of Heart.

Hawick Lau Hoi Wei
I don't know anything about him, except he starred in one TVB series, A Kindred Spirit >_<

Keith Ho Yuen Hang
Okay, I'm running out of reasons why he should be one of The Five Tigers >_<
I mean...he's not that handsome, and he ONLY starred in two TVB series, Night Journey and Time Before Time @_@


My Fresh Five Tigers

Besides Louis Koo and Carlo Ng, these are just who I think should be included as the Fresh Five Tigers.

Julian Cheung Chi Lam
What to ask for? He became one of top actors after his performance as Guo Jing in LOCH 94. And, he got to starred in lots of TVB's big productions. Not to mention, he got that cute face, too!!!^^ I personally like him, especially when he played as the innocent Guo Jing. Some people may dislike his portrayal of Guo Jing, but I like Julian's Guo Jing, although I admit he cannot be compared with Felix's portrayal =P

Gallen Lo Ka Leung
Ironically, I don't actually like him >_< Ever since I watch LOCH 94, he just ruined my image of Yang Kang, since I like Miu Kiu Wai's Yang Kang much, much, much better!!!! Afterall, he's too old for that role >_< But, I can see that he's pretty highly promoted in TVB productions. That's why, I think he should be included in the new five tigers ^_^

Fresh Five Beauties

The same with Fresh Five Tigers, I was dissapointed with the Fresh Five Beauties, too. I was only familiar with Gigi Fu and Joyce Chan(IF I have never watch Journey To The West, I wouldn't even know her @_@).

Gigi Fu Ming Hin
I like her portrayal of Guo Fu in ROCH 95 ^_^ Selfish, naughty, annoying, but sometimes can be lovable too, and I put much sympathy on Gigi's Guo Fu, too. Besides her beauty, I think her acting skill deserves appreciation. Her other famous series are The Romantic Swordsman(New Version), Mutual Affection, Corner The Con Man, Taming Of The Princess, The Hitman Chronicles, and In The Name Of Love.

Jojo Cho Chung
I'm sorry but I'm not very familiar with her =( Her series are The Holy Dragon Saga, Ancient Heroes, Justice Pao, Dark Tales, Detective Investigation II, In The Name Of Love, Time Before Time, and A Road And A Will.

Wallis Phang Chi Ching
Her series are File Of Justice Four, Cold Blood Warm Heart, The Criminal Investigator II, The Hitman Chronicles, A Road And A Will, and A Kindred Spirit.

Eileen Yeow Ying Ying
Her series are The Criminal Investigator II, File Of Justice Five, Mystery Files, The Disappearance, Detective Investigation III, and Secret Of The Heart. 

Joyce Chan Yin Hung
I wouldn't have known her, if I haven't see Journey To The West =P I can't comment much on her, but he suited pretty well as the spider girl. Her other series are The Hitman Chronicles, Taming Of The Princess, Dark Tales Two, Secret Of The Heart, and Crimes Of Passion.


My Fresh Five Beauties

Other than Gigi Fu, My Five Beauties should included :

Athena Chu Yan
I think she did a good job as Huang Rong in LOCH 94 ^_^ Although, Barbara Yung and Zhou Xun were better, but her portrayal of Huang Rong was also good. It's not bad at all!!^^ And, she definitely became a well-known star since then. She starred in lots of TVB series and also movies. Her latest series was Duke Of Mount Deer 2000 as Ah Oh!!^_~

Carmen Lee
She portrayed Xiao Long Nu very well in ROCH 95. Some people like it very much, but some people didn't appreciate her much. I, myself, think Carmen and Idy portrayed the character superbly in their each own way ^_^ If I have to judge which portrayal closer to the novel, then none of them did. But, that doesn't mean they cannot act, actually they acted very well, it's just they portrayed the character in their own way, and both are superb. Carmen also got the role of Wong Yee Yin in DGSD 97, the same role Idy Chan took, too, in DGSD 84....hehe, coincidence???^_~

Charmaine Sheh Si Mun
Charmaine was known as Miss Hongkong. Lots of people considered her as a wooden doll!^-^ Hmm....I wouldnt really know bout that, since I've only watched 2 eps of HSDS2000!^_^ But anyway, I think she should be one of the Fresh Beauties, coz she's one of the highly promoted actress nowadays!!!^^