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Return of The Condor Heroes'

Welcome!! Glad you made it here!^____^ In this section, I will provide manga/comic versions scans of ROCH!! Consisted of 18 volumes, divided to 72 chapters published on February 1996 by ASIAPAC BOOKS in Singapore. Written, of course, by Jin Yong and illustrated by Wee Tian Beng. It has VERY beautiful illustrations of the characters!! Please, do visit :

Official Shendiao Manga Site

for further information of the comic and also much more high quality scans!!^_^ Wait...don't go there now....coz, I also provide some scans/manga clips, that the official site doesn't have!!! ^_~ So, stay for awhile to see around my ROCH manga section!!^^ Oh, and note that I only have the translated version, so the covers will be a little different!!^^ ENJOY!

Manga Covers

The Characters

Manga Scenes/Clips