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Manga Clips

Now, now....curious what your favorite scene of ROCH turns out in illustrated comic like?! Then here's the section for you!!!^O^ For now, I only have few manga clips, coz I can't decide myself which are the most precious below I also have Manga Scene/Clip Request Box!! Don't hesitate to submit, as soon as I see your submission, I'll try my best to scan it and post it here!!^_~ For now, please enjoy what I have here...

Yeung Gor & Siu Long Li Met in Heroes Conference 
requested by Dave

Vol. 3 Page 78-79
Vol. 3 Page 80-81

Yeung Gor & Fok Do(Mongolian Prince)'s Fight Sequence 
requested by Dave

Vol. 3 Page 112-113
Vol. 3 Page 114-115
Vol. 3 Page 116-117
Vol. 3 Page 118-119
Vol. 3 Page 120-121
Vol. 3 Page 122

Yeung Gor & Siu Long Li's Wedding
requested by MC

Vol. 12 Page 27
Vol. 12 Page 28
Vol. 12 Page 29

Yeung Gor & Siu Long Li's "Seung Kim Hup Bik"
requested by MC

Vol. 8 Page 94-95
Vol. 8 Page 96-97
Vol. 8 Page 98-99
Vol. 8 Page 100-101

Yeung Gor & Kwok Fu's first met after 3 years

Vol. 3 Page 36
Vol. 3 Page 37

Yeung Gor guess Kwok Fu's feelings

Vol. 3 Page 50
Vol. 3 Page 51
Vol. 3 Page 52

Wong Yung talks to Siu Long Li about Yeung Gor

Vol. 4 Page 60
Vol. 4 Page 61
Vol. 4 Page 62

The Kiss in The Loveless Valley

Vol. 6 Page 29
Vol. 6 Page 30
Vol. 6 Page 31

The Parody Edition

The Opening
Swear(1) and Swear(2)
Long Beard

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