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So far, there are SIX adaptations produced adapted from the novel. Three TVB series, two Taiwanese series and one Singapore.

The first ever adaptation to be produced, is the 1977 TVB series, apparently I have no information whatsoever about this adaptation, except the pictures below^^

The second adaptation made is the unforgettable classic adaptation, by TVB in 1983. Starring Andy Lau as Yang Guo and Idy Chan Yuk Lin and Xiao Long Nu. It has the BEST themesong in my opinion!!^_^

The third adaptation produced in 1984 by Taiwan. Starring Meng Fei as Yang Guo and Pan Yan Tze as Xiao Long Nu. It is a very rare adaptation to find, I guess.

The fourth adaptation produced in 1995 by once again, TVB. Starring Louis Koo as Yang Guo and Carmen Lee as Xiao Long Nu. I love Louis as YG!!^^

The fifth adaptation produced in 1998 by MediaCorp(formerly known as TCS) Singapore. Starring Christopher Lee as Yang Guo and Fann Wong as Xiao Long Nu. I heard this adaptation is not impressive at all...

The latest adaptation produced by Taiwan in 1999. Starring Richie Ren as Yang Guo and Jacqueline Wu as Xiao Long Nu. Heard it deviates a lot from the novel...and pls, no offense, but Richie Ren as Yang Guo?!?!?!?

TVB 1977
TVB 1983
Taiwan 1984
TVB 1995
MediaCorp 1998
Taiwan 1999
Yang Guo


Andy Lau

Meng Fei

Louis Koo

Christopher Lee

Richie Ren
Xiao Long Nu


Idy Chan

Pan Yan Tze

Carmen Lee

Fann Wong

Jacqueline Wu
Guo Fu
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No Image

Gigi Fu

Florence Tan

Guo Xiang
 No Image

No Image

Theresa Lee

Yvonne Lim
Luk Yuet
Lu Wu Shuang
 No Image

Chan Fuk Sung
No Image

Kan Pui Kwan

Evelyn Tan
Zi Liu Bo
Cheng Ying
 No Image
No Image
Wong Oi Ming
No Image

Maggie Cheung

Song Ching Ching

I have never totally watch any of RoCH adaptations, since I don't have much interest on the story itself, so I REALLY need YOUR reviews!!! Pls, contribute! Or this section will be filled with nothing >_<

From : JB
Adaptation : Taiwan 1984

I finally got my hands on the Taiwan version of RoCH. In it's own way, it's as painful to watch..even more painful than the Taiwan '99 version. I didn't think that would be possible that I will rate any other version worse than Taiwan '99. At least the action sequences are much better in the more recent '99 version. It's so arkward, primitive and slow looking. Well, it was made in the early '80s. For the fans of Taiwan '99, it's just my opinion and I'm a purist or purist enough to really take umbrage at all the deviations!!!! Xiao Long Nu with glitter eyeshadow, wearing black, crow braids!!!! Collapsing the character of West Poison with Zhou Bo Tong!!!! Yang Guo played by Richie Ren!!!! (cowering from the Richie fans)

Back to the older Taiwan version, Xiao Long Nu looks too old and not that pretty. Actually the actress that play Guo Fu is better looking. Yang Guo is pretty ugly.....he's worse that Richie Ren who I think at best is plain. (ducking behind the nearest shelter)

They're way too smoochy from the beginning. She looks and act like his mother at times. She even calls him a good child/son after he's grown and other times she is flirtatious for example saying who says I love you. It's a little too weird. The costumes ....I wanna gag...rivals the stuff in '99 for unpleasantry. She's in white but there are tassels and fake flower in her hair!!!! It almost feels like she is robbing the cradle unlike the other versions. The way she moves....exaggerated gestures...makes me think of Peking opera. Vary fake looking.

Goes to show Taiwan really drops the ball on their adaptations of RoCH. If it weren't for the fact I'm such a big fan of the story......I wouldn't be able to watch this. I keep pasting the faces of Idy Chan on Xiao Long Nu and Andy Lau on YG. But nevertheless I figure since I suffered thru Richie Ren as YG, I can do this.....*whimper*....*whimper*...I hope....ick the rape scene is coming up. Wasn't that bad. Didn't show any groping.

My friend got back from Japan...maybe he taped some of the RoCH anime....whatever disagreement I might have with whatever they've done to it, I don't think it will get as bad as what I'm watching now. No more tassels in the hair, vast improvement. The feather thing looks okay.

I want to try the TVB '70s one now. Then I can safely say I watched all the different adaptations of RoCH no matter how painful it was for me.

I hope this is some help other than being an off the wall rant.