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The Love Tales

In this section you'll be able to find out the love stories of every couple that ever occur in ROCH. Not just the ACTUAL couples, but also when one have crush on another one too!!^_~ Anyway, I'm not done yet with this section....only few couples stories are up now...but, enjoy!!^^

Yin Zhi Ping & Xiao Long Nu

Yang Guo & Lu Wu Shuang

Yang Guo & Guo Fu

Yang Guo and Guo Fu grew up together with the Wu brothers in Tao Hua To, where Huang Rong's come from. When they were just little kids, they used to argue.....and then when it comes to fighting, Guo Fu immediately order the Wu brothers to kick some Yang Guo ass =P Guo Fu did not like Yang Guo a bit in her child age, but after 3-5 years never met....when they met again, there are sparks between them^^
They're having a chat after a long time, and Yang Guo tells her funny stories, they laugh together, and made the Wu brothers jealous >=P  However, different from the 1983 TVB version....from the comic book, which is the same with the novel, Guo Fu never falls in love with Yang Guo @_@ She actually falls in love with BOTH of the Wu brothers!! And, don't know which one to choose.....she did like Yang Guo, but never love him.

She DID made a mistake by slicing Yang Guo's arm(though, some fans thanked her coz it makes Louis Koo's Yang Guo looks more cool and handsome without an arm =P)...but, that's because she feels betrayed and embarrased, and she's very upset because Yang Guo made the Wu brothers leave Guo family, whilst they're the only friends that is loyal to her, and they're the persons she grew up with all these years....and there are other misunderstandings, but it'll be too long to explain here....>_< 

Yeah, okay I know, they're not ACTUALLY couple, but Guo Fu DID attracted to Yang Guo, right?? Yang Guo also didn't JUST neglect her, he sometimes nice to her =P And, not to mention Guo Jing wants to engage them. And, I know not a lot of people like Guo Fu's characteristics, since she has her mother's selfishness and spoiled,
but she only has her father's brain >=P I didn't like her too in ROCH 1983 TVB version...>_< But, since I watched the 1995 TVB version AND also read the comic books, which IS adapted EXACTLY from the novel,
I found Guo Fu isn't bad at all!!!!^^ She even sometimes act cute, and lovable just like her mother when she was young....^^

Wu Dun Ru & Guo Fu

Wu Xiu Wen & Guo Fu

Yang Guo & Cheng Ying

Yelu Qi & Wan Yan Ping

Yang Guo & Gongsun Lü'e

Gongsun Zhi & Xiao Long Nu

Yelu Qi & Guo Fu

Yang Guo & Guo Xiang

Believe it or not, this is my most favorite couple in ROCH, IF they ever become a couple!!^_~ I know, I know, they're somewhat like 16 years different of age....but, I just like seeing them together, kinda cute...don't u think?? Okay, you don't....=P But, the way I see it Yang Guo and Guo Xiang have something in common.....their playful and cheerful side!!^^
Guo Xiang first met with Yang Guo, is because she IS looking for Yang Guo, the mysterious famous hero. After through a little adventure with Yang Guo, busting some bad guys, Yang Guo give three needles to Guo Xiang and tell her then she can ask three wishes to him. Her first wish, she ask him to take off his mask. So, he did, and seeing that charming, handsome face, Guo Xiang fall in love ^_~
Anyway, Guo Xiang's love isn't return of course....coz later on, she found out that Yang Guo's only true love is Xiao Long Nu. And, MAYBE because feeling that she ONLY loves Yang Guo in her entire life, but can't be with him, so she decided to become a priestess and build E Mei clan. I said, MAYBE....just my own assumption...=P

*Yang Guo & Xiao Long Nu*