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Return of The Condor Heroes
(Shen Diao Xia Lu)

Return of The Condor Heroes is the second novel of The Condor Trilogy. I have to say that this is one unique love story that has ever occur in ancient kungfu novels!!^O^ Although, the story itself is not much different with Guo Jing's type adventure ^.~

From the other novels, I think this story has the MOST adaptations produced, there are SIX adaptations as far as I know, 3 TVB series, 1 TCS(now MediaCorp) series, and 2 Taiwan series ^_^ My most favorite one has to be the 1983 TVB and 1995 TVB version!!!!^O^ These two versions are amazing in it's each own way!
Before you start reading anything in this site, I just want you to know that my knowledge about this series are based from what I have :

a. Watched 60% of the 1983 TVB version
b. Watched 20% of the 1995 TVB version
c. Read the complete manga/comic book of the story, written by Jin Yong and illustrated by Wee Tian Beng ^_~
f. Read, heard, watched by surfing the Internet^^

If you want to know the complete story then just go to the Story section below!!^^ Don't forget to go to the Manga/Comic section, I assure you it's gonna be very interesting!!^^ Enjoy the sections!!!^O^

The Story

The Love Tales


The Manga/Comic *special* 

Audio Visual Stuff


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