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Mok Dim Chi, The Novel and The Series
by Priscilla

Mok Dim Chi is an orphan, but she is Yeung Tit Sum's foster daughter. In the novel, Mok Dim Chi is a tough and firm girl. But, she fall in love with the wrong guy, that is, Yeung Hong....that's why she always do whatever Yeung Hong says and always help him. Mok Dim Chi does not like seeing Yeung Hong so loyal to Yee Lan Hung Lit. However, she's too much in love with Yeung Hong, so she can't say anything to him. She can only follow him...or, spying on him, to be exact, wherever he goes. So, she knows every crime Yeung Hong commit.

In the old novel, the original one, I presume, before changes has been made in the 1970s, Yeung Hong died because of Ol Yeung Fung's snake's poison, and since Mok Dim Chi cannot stand any longer to see him suffering, she killed him, then afterwards she commited a suicide.

Now, the big question is, where did Yeung Gor come from?!?
Supposibly, Yeung Gor is not Mok Dim Chi's son, but Chun Nam Kin's son. Chun Nam Kin is a village girl, whom once Kwok Jing saved. Chun Nam Kin's job is catching snake to be sell in the market. Once, she was kidnapped by Kau Chin Jek (Kau Chin Yan's twin) to please Yeung Hong. So, Yeung Hong raped her 'til she got pregnant. In the Shen Diao Hap Lui/Return of Condor Heroes' novel, Chun Nam Kin died bitten by a snake, when Yeung Gor is only a child. And then, not so long since his mother's death, Yeung Gor has been found by Kwok Jing. By the way, in the novel, Yeung Gor had a red bird, which always help him catching snakes.
I read in some forums in the internet, the story has been changed, Yeung Gor has became Mok Dim Chi's son. But, if you ask me, I'm not sure why it changed.
Maybe, it has changed since Mok Dim Chi's story is too tragic(in the novel I read, Mok Dim Chi has once raped by Ol Yeung Hak, and Yeung Hong knows it...)

If you have watch the 1982 version of LOCH, you'll notice that Yeung Pan Pan did a superb job in portraying Mok Dim Chi. Looks firm, not weak, but still soft and gentle. And, Yeung Pan Pan is also a true martial artist. In the 1994 version, Mok Dim Chi looks too weak, and very indesicive.

But, unfortunately, LOCH 1982 got too much extra scenes or plots, so the whole story didn't turn out pretty good. For the 1994 version's plotline, it is far more better, since it is adapted more closely to the novel. I admit, sometimes the extra plots(82 version) are funny, but sometimes there are also some boring extra plots and looks slow, for instance, the first episodes about Yeung Tit Sum & Pao Sik Yeung.

Kwok Jing, even looks too stupid, he shouldn't be that stupid in the novel :) There are some kungfu progress he has made that is written in the novel, but didn't show on the 82 version. I, myself, is actually a Felix Wong's fan, but it bother me so much seeing him so stupid in the TV series...he...he :)
Well, I admit a lot of people saying that he did a wonderful job as Kwok Jing, and I totally agree with that! His acting skill is very good!! :)

Wong Yung...looks pretty similar with the one in the novel, it's just that in the 82 version, she's too quick-jealous, while in the novel, she's pretty gentle. But, I have to say, that Barbara Yung is so right as Wong Yung.

Yeung Hong looks a little better in the 82 version. Mostly similar with the one in the novel, but the 1982 Yeung Hong can still make jokes, and also flirting with Mok Dim Chi, this scene is not in the novel. But, that's much better, rather than we see viscious and cruel Yeung Hong :) Miu Kiu Wai is perfect as Yeung Hong.

For Wah Jang, she cries too the novel, she supposed to be innocent, but also firm. Unlike, the 1982 Wah Jang, too spoiled and also cries a lot :) Maybe, it's already in the scenario :)
Most of the other casts in the 1982 version are much more better than the 1994 version. The other casts that I like better in the 82 version are(the actors' names are mostly in Mandarin) :

- Wong Yek Si(Kenneth Tsang/Cen Ciang). He IS perfect to portray weird characters.

- Chow Pak Tung(Cin Huang). Very good, VERY funny... :) He is so right to portray funny characters.

- Hung Chut Kong(Lau Dan). I rarely see him in funny character, or maybe I've forgotten :) But, he's really good in portraying funny Hung Chut Kong.

- Ol Yeung Fung(Yang Ce Lim), Ol Yeung Hak(Huang Chin Tai), Yee Lan Hung Lit(Liu Ciang), and Genghiz Khan(Paul Chin Pei), are all better in the 1982 version.

Actually, there are still a lot of different plots between the novel and the TV versions, but I think this is enough. I've been babbling too much. I hope you enjoy my review and if you have anything to say, don't hesitate to e-mail me.