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My Other Websites

Well, 'till now I've made 5 websites, and three of them are Japan anime websites, since I'm also a big fan of anime!!^_^ The other one is FRIENDS Sitcom website, I just loooove this American TV show!!^^

The Next Gen-Z Zone

This is my VERY first homepage!!^O^ Dedicated to Akira Toriyama's Dragonball/Z/GT animation!! I love this anime, sooooo cool!!!! Especially, the super saiya-jin stuff, just plain cool! By the way, if you haven't watched The Legend of The Condor Lovers 1999, you'll be surprised Yeung Gor and Siu Long Li also turned like those Saiya-jins, with that aura signaled gaining of power!!*lol* You have to see it ^.* 

The Best Moment of FRIENDS

Dedicated to funniest and most suceed American situation comedy show EVER!!!!!!!!!^O^ FRIENDS!!! Have you seen it???O_O It's hillarious!! The site is pretty much about their funniest scenes, but there other little sections, too, just for fun!!^^ Pls, visit!!!!!!

Kazuya and Tanima's Page

My third site dedicated to Nao Yazawa's Wedding Peach!!!!! And, I've also dedicate this site to the cute couple in the anime, Yanagiba and Yuri!!^_^ It also has MPEG video clips and MP3 JPOP/Anime section!!!


Cute Pinkie Card Captor Shrine

My fourth site!! A Card Captor Sakura site, another anime website!!!^_* And, it's my first webpage in my own native language, too....Indonesian!!!^_^ So, for you Indonesian...or maybe, Malaysian, just visit it, if you like this anime or just like to see the cute pictures of the characters!!!!^_______^

And, now.....The Condor Trilogy Zone is my fifth site ever built by me, I don't know if I ever going to build another one anymore =P