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LoCH2003 News Archive

It's not a rumour anymore. A Mainland China TV station, CCTV(China Central Television), suceed in buying the rights to make a LOCH adaptation from Jin Yong, and will produce the latest adaptation of LOCH any time soon. CCTV have already produced a successful adaptation of Xiao Ao Jiang Hu(State of Divinity) recently (my review for this adaptation was on the editorial a few weeks ago, you can e-mail me if you missed the chance to read it). So, I created this news box to keep inform you with the latest news of anything that related with the series production.

October, 13th 2001
Wow!! It's been over than a month....I have tons of Mainland LOCH latest news and rumours :


~thanks to Yuanto, Erv and Moinllieon~


September, 1st 2001

In August 19th 2001, journalist Meiri Xinbao got the chance to take a look at the costume collection that will be use for CCTV's LOCH.
The costume designer, Wu Jian, tried to keep faithful with the outfit-style in Sung Dynasty, but also tried to use a modern technic to handle the difficulty in wearing a traditional design.
For the costume that Huang Rong will use, the designer that have designed costumes for the famous serial Zhu Yuanzhan and Guo Ge, made an innovation in adding a zipper. This is the first step, a chinese traditional designer ever did.
Wu Jian also made lots of mini-skirt combine with long pants for Huang Rong. "I imagine she's not tall, so it's not appropriate for her to wear long outfits. Wide pants and mini skirt will make her look cute and agile, which suit her character," Wu Jian said.
Specially to bring forward the tall effect of Muk Chiu Fung's body, Wu Jian designed a loosely outfit in layers. While for Guo Jing, Wu Jian found difficulties. Because she has to make a different outfit from Li Yapeng's appearance as Linghu Chong. But then Wu Jian decided to use a plain cloth with pale color, so Guo Jing's outfit would look simple.

~thanks to Pangesti~

August, 17th 2001
Soooo sorry for the VERY LATE delay >_< Very sorry! The news here is very late, coz turns out the crews have started shooting at Inner Mongolia in August 5th ago! But, are the news!! ^_^

1. I'd like to spread out the confirmed casts for this LOCH Mainland(CCTV) 2002(predicted broadcast year)!!^_~

                      Li Yapeng                                   Zhou Xun                               Zhou Jie                          Shui Ling
                           as                                             as                                         as                                       as
               Guo Jing                Huang Rong       Yang Kang    Mu Nian Ci


                 Ding Hai Feng                                Hu Qing                                  Lu Liping                                 Bai Xue
                         as                                            as                                           as                                         as
                Yang Tie Xin                            Bao Xiruo                              Li Ping                              Han Siu Ying


                                     Ba Sen                                            Ba Yin                                     Sun Hai Ying
                                        as                                                  as                                                as
                                Genghis Khan                                        Jebe                                     Ke Zhen E


                                        Yang Liping                                         Zhang Guo Li                      Tang Guo Qiang
                                              as                                                        as                                       as
                                      Mei Ciao Feng                                          Nam Dai                Huang Yao Shi

2. According to a news published on SINA, Jin Yong in August 8th, 2001 sent a letter to Wen Lian publisher, which stated that he is really sure of the accuracy and the successful of the 'Legend of The Condor Heroes' making (She Diao Ying Xiong Zhuan) which is being shoot at Mongolia now.
Jin Yong will give personal assistance to the crews when they will be departing for Tao Hua Island(Peach Island) to take shots there. In that letter, Jin Yong admit that he was satisfied with the chosen casts, like Li Yapeng(Kwok Jing), Zhou Xun(Wong Yung), and Yang Liping(Muk Chiu Fung).

3. Here are some articles on news from She Diao Ying Xiong shooting location I've translated :

~thanks to Phoenix(for the casts) and Pangesti(for the articles)~

July, 6th 2001
Wang Rui confirmed as the director. Unfortunately, Zhang Jizhong(SOD 2001 Producer) has resigned as producer. The definite cast so far are :

1. Zhou Xun as Wong Yung
2. Jiang Qinqin (Shui Ling) as Mok Dim Chi

Pictures both of them can be found below!!^_^ My personal opinion, I think their faces are acceptable to play those roles!!^^

~thanks to Phoenix~

June 26th, 2001
Several news, fans! Here they are :

1. Fan Bing Bing might play the role of Mok Dim Chi.

Fan Bing Bing

2. Lu Yi has turned down the role of Yeung Hong, and the most recent rumour circulating the web is that Zhou Jie (also in HZGG) will be taking on this role.

Zhou Jie

3. Also, You Yong as Ol Yeung Fung. Still, a rumour, though.

You Yong

4. Nothing will be finalized 'til July. The production (shoot) has been postponed to August/September.

~thanks to Phoenix~

May 30th, 2001
Just got another confirmation about the news ^_^ Zhou Xun's manager confirmed yesterday that she will be portraying Wong Yung in this adaptation. Li Yapeng is still undecided - it depends on the script.
CCTV's favourite is Jiang Qinqin for the role of Mok Dim Chi :

~thanks to Phoenix~

May 29th, 2001 it's been 2 months, there are LOTS of news from the newest LOCH production^^ Here they are :

1. First of all, the production is back on track!!^_^ Not postponed anymore =P

2. Li Yapeng (as Kwok Jing), Zhou Xun (Wong Yung), Lu Yi (Yeung Hong), Wang Ji(Muk Chiu-Fung) have all denied rumours of being the final casts in the new adaptation of LOCH.

3. More casts being considered for LOCH:

Kwok Jing

                                                                   Chen Long

Yeung Hong

Zhou Jie(the actor that portrayed Yee Hong in "Huan Zhu Ge Ge")

Mok Dim Chi


                                             Li Xia                                     Li Xiaoran

4. Many studios are competing for the rights, and there's a possibility that the series will be directed by Wang Xinmin who was raised in Mongolia.

5. Although, this has nothing to do with the latest LOCH production, but it's worth mentioning, anyway ^_~ In a recent interview, JY praised the CCTV's production of SOD (casts and efforts made by the crew), but was disappointed with the script because too many changes were made (he went on to describe a few scenes). He said that his favourite adaptations are TVB's LOCH, ROCH and ROMANCE OF THE BOOK & SWORD.

~thanks to Amanda and Phoenix~

March 24th, 2001
Hu Bing considered casting for the role, but his good friends Athena Chu and Julian Cheung both dissuaded him, after starring as the protagonists in the latest TVB production and receiving many harsh criticisms, they realized that audiences will never be satisfied, no matter who plays the roles because of the Felix Wong-Barbara Yung classic, so they want to protect Hu Bing and prevent him from going through the same 'torture' =P
Another unpleasant news...apparently, the new production of LOCH is postponed =(((( Still have no confirmation about this, though.

~thanks to Phoenix~

March 14th, 2001
Here are the list of the artists whose names have been linked to the latest LOCH production, some voted by Jin Yong fans and some being considered by CCTV :

Kwok Jing

                                                     (no image) 

                          Shao Bing                           Li Yapeng                         Lu Shuqing                            
(Ling Wu Chong in SOD CCTV 2001)

Wong Yung


                            Lulu Li                              Zhou Xun                              Zhou Li

Yeung Hong

Lu Yi

Mok Dim Chi


                                              Jiang Qinqin                           Xu Jinglei

          Yee Lan Hung Lit                              Pao Sik Yeung                              Sua Ku/Stupid Girl


              Pu Cunxin                                     Jiang Wenli                                       Dong Jie

~thanks to Phoenix~

Feb 3rd, 2001
Yang Pei Pei bought the rights (lasting 1 year) to the TV adaptation of LOCH last year, and planned to cast Richie Ren and Ruby Lin as the protagonists. However, she failed to produce the series as well as re-new-ing the rights within the year and in the end, CCTV (China Central TV) bought the rights from Jin Yong for HK$ 600,000. 
Apparently the 40-episode series will start production this July, with location shoots in Beijing, Shanghai and Guilin(breathtaking mountain and lake scenery). However, the casting has not been finalized, but the favorites for Kwok Jing and Wong Yung are Leo Ku and Vicki Zhao (the latter has been contacted by CCTV). CCTV will announce more details in February.

Before anyone starts saying how unsuitable Vicky Zhao and Leo Ku are for Wong Yung and Kwok Jing, it's Jin Yong's personal choice that both of them should be casted. He even went as far as to offer the copyright price at $1.00 to any TV station who is interested to cast the duo as his characters. Related articles in Chinese can be found at :

~thanks to Phoenix and Siew Lee~