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Chiu Ming's Hardest Decision
(from the series "Heaven Sword & Dragon Sabre")
by Yanie

Author's Note :
This is a story from Chiu Ming's point of view and everything she felt. The scenes take right AFTER the night she and Mo Kei have dinner together, but suddenly Chi Yu showed up, she's upset and crying and then run away from the restaurant....and of course, Mo Kei run to chase Chi Yu and leave Chiu Ming alone. And, BEFORE Chiu Ming came to the wedding ceremony and stopping it ^.^  Oh, just a warning....I wrote this fanfic based on the 1986 TVB version!!^^

Oh, and because of the different pronounciation of the name of the characters, just so you won't mistook the names I'll give you this :

Cheung Mo Kei = Zhang Wuji = Thio Bu Ki
Chiu Ming = Zhao Min = Tio Beng
Chow Chi Yerk = Zhou Zhiruo = Ciu Ci Jiak
Yan Lei = Yin Li = In Lee
Siu Ciu = Xiao Zhou = Siao Ciao
Hian-beng Ji-loo = two greatest martial artists who work for the Mongolian government and once injured Mo Kei when he was only 10

Okay, then, enjoy this fanfic!^O^

"Goodbye...Chiu Ming...I--I have to's my fiancee...I..." he's speechless, out of words, and then, "....goodbye...." then he left me alone in that quiet restaurant. Tears running down swiftly through my face.
He's gone. He left me. He left me...forever.......suddenly, I started to feel my heart stops beating and then crushed into pieces...and now, I--I..feel I can't breath!! I--I'm can I live without him??? Dark clouds surrounding me!! I can't breath! I can't breath!! My hand reaching in the darkness, hoping someone will take it and take me out from the darkness...and only one person I can think of......Mo Kei!!! Mo Kei!!! Please...come back....MO KEEEEEIIIIIIIII !!!!!!!!!!


I opened my eyes. My body's wet coz of the sweat. It took me couple of seconds to realize what just happened. I'm in bed. And, the sunshine has coming through the window. It's morning already. Realizing it was just a dream, there's a brief relief...but then, I realized it's not ALL dream, Mo Kei DID leave me last night at that restaurant to chase Chow Chi Yu...his fiancee......fiancee.....the woman she suppose to marry soon. Suddenly, everything is so clear, "Mo Kei!"


I straightened my hair and brush it with a brush hair. I'm already dressed. I look into the mirror...I see a woman with a Mongolian dress. A Mongolian Princess. Am I evil? Why? Why does a Mongolian has to be mean, viscious, selfish?!? Until, when one Mongolian ACTUALLY change, no one believes the change!! And...and, just because I used to deceit people...doesn't mean I can betray him!!! I LOVE HIM!! How could I do such a thing?? Why won't he believe me??
Am I suppose to tell him that it's her? Am I doing the wrong thing not telling him that it's actually her? And, now....he's going to marry her, that cunning and viscious woman, even more cunning than me're doing the right thing, Chiu Ming...even if you tell him, he's not gonna believe you. Heck! Who's gonna believe that it's her, with that saint, innocent and lovable face...ugh!! How can she did such a thing? Even, I misjudged her!! Poor Yan wonder Mo Kei is so angry....
Should I go there now?! Stop the wedding? Heh....that is silly! And, then what, Chiu Ming?? You think he's just gonna follow you and cancel the marriage......yeahh, I lost him...I....lost....him.....forever......
Suddenly my eye shed a tear.....two tears.....and then it's just swiftly running down on my face......I can't help it anymore!! I can't help thinking, how am I gonna live without him?!?? And, then, Yan Lei's face come upon my eyes...and then, Siu Ciu's.....they lost the battle...battle to win Mo Kei. Yan Lei is dead. Siu Ciu has to fulfill her duty. And, me....because I'm an enemy, a cunning woman, and I'm being slandered too! Oh, many reasons for me and Mo Kei should not be together. And, now...Chow Chi Yu win, she took everything from Mo Kei that day, the sword, the sabre, Yan Lei's soul, his trust, and she also took me away from him..........who can ever guess?!?
And, today...she also has him to be her husband! But, does she has his heart?? Does she?!? Coz, a couple of months ago, I'm almost sure I won Mo Kei's heart the most! How painful this is for me! Being slandered like this.....and even not a chance to let him know the truth............the truth.....oh, my gosh!! What will happen if they're married???? Will she do bad things too to Mo Kei?! Take over his Ming Gao Cult???? Oh, no!! I SHOULD stop the wedding!!! This is for Mo Kei's good! Not, just for me!
I'm thinking so hard, some flashbacks came upon my mind when we had the adventure together....why we had the adventure in the first place?!? OF COURSE!!!! I still have two wishes to ask Mo Kei!!!! I can ask him not to marry Chi Yu!! But, wait....would that violate his code of honour as a man??? In the wedding....if he DO leave the wedding just like that, it WILL violate his code of honor!!! He can refuse my wish! what?! What should I do, should I just let him marry her?! If she IS a noble woman with saint heart...and they really love each other, I won't stop the wedding. But, this is different...he don't know who she really is!! Come on, Chiu Ming!! You're smart, there MUST BE some way!!
This time, I actually meet a dead end, I can't find a backup plan if he refuse my wish...what should I do?? Send an army, ruin the wedding and kidnap him?? Pfftt...yeah, right! Oh.....God.....please, if he IS destined to be with me....please, show me a me a way........

Suddenly, there's a loud knock on my door. "Princess!!! Princess!! Open up!! It's important! We found the Gold Lion!!!!"
As if, there's a lightning struck my head......Gold Lion?!? I rush to the door and open it, "What did you say?!?!"
"Please, follow me!!!" the soldier walk fast, and I follow him, "What happened?? Tell me now!!"
"There's a wounded man on the gate asking to open the gate, and when we did, it turns out he's one of our spy from Shaolin!!! And, he said he found the Gold Lion!! But, you have to hurry, Princess, the spy won't live longer....he's injured badly!!"
Oh, my god!!! Gold Lion has been found!! I can't believe this!
I saw the gate, and then....I saw the dying spy in front of it....I run to him, "Oh, my god! How can this happen?!? How did you get this injury?" the man's body covered with blood.
", it's an ho--honor to see's no time to----explain.....all Lion is in Sh---Shaolin...he's been c--captured for weeks now....."
"Are you sure?!?! But, how?? And where he is exactly???"
"Positive, Prin---cess...I d--don't, I---I on--ly have pr--prove...take---it..." he open his hand, and revealed what looks like to be a golden hair, Gold Lion's hair.
I took it slowly, and said, "Hang on! I'll get a doctor for you!"
"It's okay, Pr---princess....I'm ha---happy, just being able to be useful for M----Mongolia-------..................." he exhale his last breath.
I almost shed a tear, it really touched me, to know the fact, this man actually sacrificed for Mongolia.
"Bury him properly...and then inform his family, he died heroically!" I order them.

I walked back to the palace slowly. I started to think. Gold Lion is in Shaolin. What is he doing there??? How can he be captured?? Gold Lion....wait 'til Mo Kei hear about this.....heh......
I stopped. Wait a minute!!!!!! This is it!!! A way!!! To stop the wedding!!! Thank you, God!!! I run as fast as I could back to my room. Change my outfit to a Han woman's outfit. Packed few clothes and other things. While I packed, I started to think....
What should I do if Mo Kei does follow me.......silly! Then, you'll be happy ever after, together with Mo Kei, forever!!!! That's it......forever........forever???? Suddenly, I realize be with Mo Kei.....I can't JUST be with him, I have to.....I have to let go everything......everything....
Are you sure, Chiu Ming?? Letting go my 'Princess' title, won't be a big problem, as long I'm together with Mo Kei.......but, letting go my family, my race, my country.....does this mean I have to help Mo Kei fight my own race?? Against my own family?!? Oh, don't want that to happen....I-----but, I love him......what's the meaning of being with my family and my country if I can't be together with my true love?! I----I---m confused!
Once again, I'm crying....what should I do?!?
"There is no love without sacrifice." Suddenly, mother's words to me when I was 8, come upon my ear once needs sacrifice.......of course.....of course.............
I can't believe my own decision, I can't believe it's me, who make this decision!! For 20 years, I'm sooo proud of my country! I've once promise to myself, to help father to make Mongolia the most powerful race in the whole continent, and then world!! I promised myself not to waste what Genghis Khan and Kubilai Khan has reached 'til now!!! They were my heroes! I used to be soooo proud of my country, my race, father........, and, I've made this decision! I won't look back!! I won't think the horrible things that could happen! No!

I erase my tears, and starts walking, at first I was thinking to go without noticed....but my brother suddenly appear, "Sister! Where you going?!"
I paused for a moment, and then quickly an idea comes up to my mind, "Errrr.....I want to see how the martial arts world going, just like always...." I smiled at him.
He's a little suspicious, I can see that, so I said, "I'm going to meet Hian-beng Ji-loo in a restaurant," I try to convince him, that those two great martial artist can protect me.
"Ohhh, okay! Becareful....."
I'm a little relief, "Okay,, goodbye!!"
"Wait! Don't you want to ask permission to father first???"
Of course....father....I HAVE TO say goodbye to him....,"Ahh! Right!" I change my direction.
Then, he walked passed me.'re always upset me in some ways, but naturally you're my birth brother, so I still care about you.....goodbye, for a long, long time.......I gaze at him for one last time, and then turned away...and I shed a tear.

I enter my father's working room.
"Ah! My beloved daughter!! What is it?? Why do you wear a Han's outfit?? Are you going somewhere??" he asked me.
I smiled to him, "Yes! Father!! I'm going to meet Hian-beng Ji-loo, and asked them how's everything going!!"
"'re too dedicated yourself for Mongolia...why don't you just take a rest!! Just let your brother to do that task!"
What he said, really strike my heart...."Father, it's okay! I love doing this, afterall I love walking around the city!!" I smiled.
"Heh, you're just as stubborn as your mother....if that's what you want, then go! But, becareful, okay??"
"Yes, father.......father, is there something you want me to do while I'm in the city??"
"Heh...bring the Heaven Sword and the Dragon Sabre to me!!"
I'm startled, but then suddenly he giggled, "Just kidding, daughter! Of course, what I meant is to order Hian-beng Ji-loo to do this task, okay?" he smiled.
I smiled, "Alright, father......." and then, I can't help I hug him, I know it's stupid, so as soon I realized, I let him go, "Goodbye, father!!" I run through the door. Gee, I hope he's not suspicious or anything, although I can see his surprise expression when I hugged him. Oh, well.....

I walked to the gate and when I reach it, "Open the gate!!" I order the soldiers.
They open the gate, while they're doing that, one of them asking me, "Where are you going, Princess?"
"Heh....looking for Gold Lion...."
"Ahhhh!!! I wish you the best luck for that, Princess!"
"Thank you," I walk slowly through the gate.
Then, they close the gate back. I turn around, hhhh.....I feel like crying again......I gaze at the palace from afar for one last time......goodbye, father, goodbye, brother, goodbye, Mongolia..........

For now, I only focus to one mission! That is, to STOP THE WEDDING!!!!

~The End~

Author's Note : And, after this...for those who already read the novel or watch the TV series, knows what happened, then!! Right?? If you forgot, then to remind you....what happened is just like the picture shown above ^_^

Well, I hope you enjoy my first Jin Yong fanfic!!!^O^ I think my next fanfic would be around Legend of The Condor Heroes.....coz I'm watching that series again now aired on my local TV, still not finish yet, though ^______^  But, I'll definitely write again!!!^^ Bye for now!