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Side Stories

Below, I'm going to talk about the prequels of LOCH/ROCH/HSDS ^_^ They're not actually prequels, more appropriate, mentioned side stories, since the main storyline didn't have anything to do with the trilogy, most of them are only the background story of important characters that showed up or constantly mentioned in the trilogy. Jin Yong NEVER wrote those stories, even if there's a novel, it is not written by Jin Yong. Therefore, these stories cannot be officially assumed as part of the trilogy. But, some people made up the stories based on Jin Yong characters ^_^

Kim Mo Duk Ku Kau Pai

Duk Ku Kau Pai mentioned lots of time in Jin Yong's novels, they are Demi Gods & Semi Devils, Return of The Condor Heroes, State of Divinity. In Return of The Condor Heroes, Yang Guo found a cave that actually Duk Ku Kau Pai once lived in, YG also make friends with his condor and also used his unique and heavy sword. Kim Mo Duk Ku Kau Pai was a 1989 TVB production, which tells the story of Duk Ku Kau Pai's life. Apparently, not how he reached his goal as the greatest swordsman, he's not even a swordsman 'till few episodes towards the end.

Duk Ku Kau Pai : Felix Wong Yat Wah
DKKP's lover    : Maggie Siu Mei Kei

Rage and Passion

Rage & Passion is the story background of Wang Chong Yang, the founder of Chuan Chen clan, also known as the Center Priest(one of the greatest martial artist along with North Beggar, East Wicked, South Emperor, and West Venom). Pretty much tells the story of Wang Chong Yang's life before he becomes a taoist, and his romance with Lum Chiu Ying, the founder of Ancient Tomb clan, which later became his enemy. This is a 1993 TVB production, TVB made up the story based on the flashbacks written in LOCH/ROCH novel...but, I heard there are lots of deviation and was a dissapointment >_<

Wang Chong Yang               : Ekin Cheng
Lum Chiu Ying                       : Fiona Leung
WCY's father                        : Eddie Kwan
WCY's mother                       : Vivian Chow
WCY's bestfriend/(later)enemy : Gallen Lo
Zhou Botong                     : Wayne Leung

Mystery of The Condor Heroes

Mystery of The Condor Heroes tells about Huang Yao Shi, also known as the East Wicked. It tells about his warm relationship with his wife, the conflicts occur between his disciples, and also when Zhou Botong came to that island. Pretty much about the life in the Peach Island(Tao Hua Island).

This one was also a 1993 TVB production and also a dissapointment, since some things changed here, for instance, there are 8 disciples, which is suppose to be only 6 in the LOCH novel. Not to mention the miscasted actors >_<

Huang Yao Shi     : David Chiang
HYS's wife       : Fiona Leung
Chan Yin Fung  : Julian Cheung Chi Lam
Mei Ciao Feng  : Emily Kwan
Zhou Botong : Wayne Leung

Condor Heroes Return

This is a story about the friendship of two of the greatest martial artist, Hong Qi Gong/North Beggar and Duan Zhixing/South Emperor, when they were young. I believe it tells the story, how HQG became a disciple in the Beggar Clan and how did he became the leader. It also tells how DZX became the king of Dai Ly and his love conflicts. Once again, this series is a 1994 TVB production.

Hong Qigong : Marco Ngai
Duan Zhixing : Ekin Cheng
Ting Xue Xin(HQG's love interest) : Wong Siu Yeen
Liu Ying(DZX's love interest) : Chan Ka Ling
Zhou Botong : Wayne Leung

Legend of The Golden Lion
I'm so sorry, but not much information I can gather from this TVB production series >_< But, from what I heard this one's also a failure. Miscasted actors, and also a big deviation from the HSDS novel =(((( Predictly, the storyline happens some 50 years after ROCH, 30 years before HSDS ^_^

Demi Gods & Semi Devils

Actually, I shouldn't include this one in this section =P Since, this one WAS written by Jin Yong. And, it's not a side story also, more of an indirect prequel, since there are some connections between this story with LOCH ^_^ Takes place 100-200 years before LOCH, tells the story of three characters, two of whom are predecessors to important characters in LOCH. Qiao Feng is the Gaibang(Beggar Clan) leader, which made him as Hong Qigong and Huang Rong's predecessor, and Duan Yu the prince and later king of Dai Li, which is an ancestor of Duan Huang Ye(South Emperor). There are also many familiar kungfu from the Condor Trilogy, show up in this series, for instance, 18 Dragon Palms, Duan Family's One Finger, The Beat Dog Technique, etc ^_~ TVB have produced this series twice, in 1982 and 1997, and lots of ppl say both versions are good^^ There was also a Taiwanese production for this story.

1982 Casts
Qiao Feng         : Leung Ka Yan
Hoi Juk           : Felix Wong Yat Wah
Duan Yu          : Kent Tong Chun Yip
Wong Yee Yin  : Idy Chan Yuk Lin
Ah Chu           : Cecilia Wong
Ah Chi            : Chan Fuk Sung

1997 Casts
Qiao Feng         : Felix Wong Yat Wah
Hoi Juk           : Terry Fan Siu Wong
Duan Yu          : Benny Chan Ho Man
Wong Yee Yin  : Carmen Lee Yuk Tung
Ah Chu           : Lau Kam Ling